Happy FIRST Birthday JACE!

Jace Louis Hulett -- Born June 18, 2007 at 4:40 am. Weighing 5lbs 3 oz 18 1/2in long. He was almost a month early, but he didn't care. He was ready to meet his brother and change our lives forever.... and we were ready for him to be here.

I remember that day like it was yesterday. I remember not wanting to wake Shay up and tell him it was time to go to the hospital because I knew he had work in the morning and like with Hank, I didn't want it to be a "false alarm." I remember barely being able to walk into the hospital at 2:40 am because the contractions were so bad. I remember going into the exam room to find out I was only 3 1/2 cm! I was shocked! I couldn't believe it hurt so bad. I walked from the exam room to the delivery room and was checked again (this all happened in under 5 mintues) and I was 6 1/2. The nurse was saying it would be around 7 am or so when he was born. So I called my mom and asked where they were and told her the time frame. That was around 3:30 am. About 20 minutes later I got my epidural and finally was able to sit still for a second. I remember Shay looking so scared and nervous as if he had never done this before. He was mostly worried about me because my eyes were rolling into my head because I was SOOO tired. Around 4:15 I was checked again and the nurse said I was 9 cm and don't push for any reason because the dr wasn't there yet. I immediately called my mom and told her it would be before 6 am now so they of course put the pedal to the metal and hauled butt! Shay called his parents who were staying at our house with Hank and Jodi and they came up to the hospital. By 4:30 I was pushing and in 10 minutes he was here! SOOOOOO TINY!! I swear, I remember every detail of that moment. Every second. I remember looking at him and being so nervous because he was SO little (Hank was little, but Jace was LITTLE BITTY). They had some NICU nurses in the room in case his lungs weren't doing what they are supposed to, but he showed them. He was healthy and beautiful and I was too excited (and tired) to even cry. ha

Now one year later, our tiny, little, man is one years old. He has changed so much over the year and so much has changed for him. He has brought us nothing but joy and happiness since the very day we met him. Sadly, I must admit, I think this time around I've enjoyed it more than with Hank. When Hank was a baby I couldn't wait for all the "firsts" to happen. I feel now that in a way I wanted him to do things so badly, I didn't cherish all the little moments in between like I should have. Of course, I regret that, but I have since changed my thinking and with Jace I have been able to sit back and just watch. Watch him grow. Watch him learn. Watch him change. I have really gotten to know him. Who he is and who I think he will be when he grows up.

Jace is our sweet happy baby. He, like his brother, is 99% smiles all the time and unlike his brother, loves to eat.... ANYTHING (including dog treats! EW!)Jace melts my heart in the morning when I get him out of bed. He tucks his head and gives me this "sneaky" little smile. It's so cute and I look forward to it every morning, even if it's earlier than I'd like. He is busy busy (as most boys I'm realizing) and the things he does or tries to get into is somewhat new to me. Hank never cared about getting into cabinets or going near wall sockets. I never really had to worry about all that.... but Jace.... he would dive straight down the stairs if I didn't put that gate up. I believe I was mistaken about him at first. I thought he was going to be our calm, quiet child, but no.... he will be our wild child! He has no fear. He thinks he's 4 like his brother. He wants to do everything anyone else is doing. He wants to be big. Shoot, in his mind, he IS big. =)

Don't get me wrong... he is very sweet and loves to give me kisses, but cuddling -- not a chance! Hank was a big cuddler. Would let you rock him to sleep. Actually he still would! Jace, NEVER. He never wanted to be held to be fed (I know a big no-no to let them go to bed with a bottle, but I didn't have a choice!) These days only his daddy can hold him long. He's never fallen asleep on me, except when he was sick. He is so independent, it's wonerful and terrible all at the same time.

I love this little boy more than life itself. For a long time I didn't know if I'd ever have another child. Not because I didn't want another, but because Shay wasn't sure. Of course now he's very thankful for Jace and Hank having a brother, but the fear of the unknown is something most of us think about, but for Shay it's something he can't "plan" and nothing is scarier to him than not being about to prepare for something.

Jace is mommys little angel. He brightens my days and can make me smile when I have tears streaming down my face. He serious makes every stranger turn their head and tell me how beautiful he is. (It's his eyes!) He is truly such a wonderful blessing in my life and I'm so very thankful for him.

Jace is daddy's little man. He is just like Shay in so many ways. I have a feeling they are going to butt heads when he is older but will grow up to have a very close relationship like Shay and his dad have (they talk just about everyday, like me and my mom, ha!) Jace just adores Shay. Every little thing about him and of course, Shay absolutely adores Jace. He loves that he is the only one who Jace wants at night, even if at times it can be aggrivating to not be able to put the kid down.... it's still nice to know you are that "needed/wanted." I think Jace has brought a softer, more relaxed side out of Shay. He seems more at ease and seems to, like myself, enjoy it all a little more than the first time around.

Jace is Hanks best friend. Hank seriously LOVES this kid. He has his best interest at heart (most of the time!) and I know would do anything for him. He is such a big helper with Jace and I love that he allows Jace to play with him and his toys anytime he wants (well almost anytime!) He is such a big brother and if it wasn't for Hank I don't think I'd be able to love Jace the way I do. Hank taught me how to love selflessly. He taught me how to be the mom I am. He showed me what a childs love is and I will forever be grateful for all Hank, a tiny 4 year old child, has done for me and my life. And same goes for Jace.

So today, I celebrate (and cry) that my tiny little angel is no longer a little baby. He's growing up to be a big boy like his brother. Of course, I knew the day would come.... every day he gets older and things change, I just wasn't quite ready for it to happen so fast. So many things I want to show him and teach him before he isn't interested. There is so much I feel I haven't had time for. I just can't believe he is already ONE. Where did the time go? How did this happen, already? What's next? Am I ready for it?

Our Jace. Our sweet boy. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know. You have brought us more joy than we could have ever imagined. Our lives have changed so much since you came into this world and we welcome all the changes yet to come. We look forward to more firsts with you (like WALKING and TALKING) and everything in between. We promise to love you, support you, guide you and help you everyday for the rest of your life. You will one day grow to be a wonderful man and will feel you no longer "need us" but even then, we will be here. Everyday we thank God for sending you to us. He hand picked you just for our family and what a blessing we got. Our lives are truly amazing because of you and your brother and we couldn't be more proud to call you our son. Thank you for all you have given to us by being the little boy you are. We will forever be changed by knowing you and raising you and we can't wait for what the future has in store for you. We love you little man.... our "Jacer!"

Happy First Birthday Baby Boy!!



ErinLynn said...

Happy Birthday Jace!!!!

The Kaufmann Krew said...

How sweet!! SO many of those things you said are exactly how I feel about Chloe. It is so crazy how much your perspective changes from the first to second baby. And how different two kids can be. Happy Birthday Jace! You are a precious boy!!