My mind has left me

Well it's official. It's August (actually in the morning it will be) and that means only 23 days until my 5... yes, FIVE year anniversary. I can't believe it. Somedays I think I've been married a million and others I feel like it was just yesterday (minus two kids and all!) Either way, we will be celebrating our five year anniversary on August 23rd and I have a huge problem..... for the first time (probably ever in my life) I can not, for the life of me, figure out what to do/get for Shay.

Any of you that know me know I'm the "go to" person when it comes to good gift ideas. I always know exactly what to get anyone for any reason, except now. Maybe it's because I've done it all already, or maybe it's because my mind is on overload these days. I tell my mom all the time I only have half a brain left most days and she of course says, "well be thankful for that, cuz mine left a long time ago!" =) So I am starting to believe the right side of my brain has sadly left me, and well the left side, it's always been pretty useless to me anyway... so that pretty much leaves me SOL.

Well, at least maybe now I can join all the other "idiots" in the world and have someone else do everything for me for a change. Ok sorry, that might sound harsher than I meant it.... or not.

So back to the point of this blog.... I need ideas. I've done the golf stuff, the surprise stuff, the personal/meaningful stuff. Sheesh.... I've surprised the man with getting to drive a race car before. There isn't much I HAVEN'T done yet.... so I need someone else to do my thinking for me. =) So Steph.... get to thinking about good ideas. You plan parties for a living, you're bound to be able to figure out a gift!! hehe.