Thanks Ike!

Well backing up to Hurricane Ike, I'm so thankful to say all of my friends and families surrived without major damage. Sadly tho, my best friend Aimee's dad is still without power. How awful is that? Again, thankfully he wedding is still on for this weekend...woo hoo!! That's another post tho.

So anyway, another reason I was thankful for Ike was that it brought my "sista" here to see me and my neice (that I had yet to meet since she was born in May)!! Lindsay and baby Adalynn came to stay with us over the weekend while Ike was possibly tearing apart their house (which he didn't!!) Chad (Lindsay's husband) is a police officer and was working all weekend thru the storm, so instead of being home alone, she came here where it was safe and she had power and food! haha. So if nothing else good came of Ike, at least he brought me my friend!!

The boys loved Adalynn, although Jace isn't the most gentle little boy around, so we had to keep a close eye on him with the baby. That was his first time around a baby younger than him.... I think he was a little jealous to not be the littlest around. ha.

(Lindsay and I decided this will be perfect for their slideshow before their wedding!)


Aimee' said...

hahaha love to pic of hank and adalynn!