Only boys say "Holy Crap!"

So yesterday morning started out a little something like this....

5 am - awake for no reason
5:45 - still awake... shay leaves for work
6:20 am -hank enters my room and wants to watch cartoons
7 am - i decide to shower because trying to sleep with a 4 year old questioning everything isn't working so well
7:15 am - I hear "HOLY CRAP".... coming from my sweet, innocent, perfect angel of a childs mouth

So what do I do?

Bust out laughing of course!!!

Then, after laughing (where of course Hank can't see me because if he did he would continue to repeat himself thinking he did/said something funny and well, that's not appropriate or the way to raise a child, right?) I proceed to walk into the room and ask the ineveitable and the conversation went something like this:

me- "what did you just say?"

Hank- "what you said?" (yes it's said exactaly how you read it)

me - "what did you just say?"

Hank- "holy crap! the bird feeder is broken!!"

me- "excuse me?"

Hank- "holy crap!" (ok so I set myself up for that one)

me - "we do not say that word! that is a bad word and you know better."

Hank - "well mom, holy isn't a bad word!"

me (trying not to smile/laugh) - "no Hank, the other word. we don't say that. just like you aren't allowed to say stupid, you can't say the other word either. where did you learn that anyway"

Hank - "at school" (ah, the beautiful side of school!)

me - "well we don't say bad things like that. that's not what nice little boys say"

Hank - "i know dat. but mom, boys can say dat. girls can't"

me - "no Hank they can't. that's an adult word and we don't say it, ever, for any reason."

Hank - "i know. but only boys can say holy crap" not girls and you're a girl mom"

me - "listen, if you say it again, you will get your mouth washed out with soap. Do you like that idea?"

Hank - "no!"

me - "good. glad to see you understand me and by the way, mommy can say whatever she wants."

Hank (as he is walking off) - "whattteverrr!"

Great..... gotta love getting the whatever after an important lesson has just been taught. Makes me feel like I'm doing a damn good job at this parenting thing....

or maybe not.


Aimee' said...

don't feel bad...the other day caily said "DANG!" and i told her she isn't allowed to say that and she said "well my teacher says it!" awesome, huh?? a second grade teacher says DANG in her classroom...they also says "what the?" and i can't stand that!! because i know what they want to say! children...and why did your husband go to work so early?!