I have officially corrupted my 4 year old.

I have always loved to listen to the radio in the car. As loud as I want and jamming to whatever songs I like at the moment. Never realizing that my son would possibly understand or remember what the words were to whatever song might be playing... until now.

I thought I'd share with you some of Hank's favorite things to walk around saying these days.... things he has picked up from music or movies... some of which a 4 year old should not be saying, but it's so darn cute you don't want to tell him not to. ha.

From Pink:

-- I'm still a rock star, I got my rock moves

-- I wanna start a fight!

From Pussycat Dolls:

--When I grow up, I wanna be famous (thank goodness he doesn't understand the "I wanna have boobies" line)

From Sugarland:

--All I wanna dooOooOOoo (this isn't the best thing for a boy to sing)

From Rodney Atkins:

--With a happy meal in his booster seat (cuz it's like him he tells me!!)

From Baha Men:

--Who let the dogs out? (we have this dog that sings and dances this song)

The best part is our neighbor has this ford f-150 motorized truck that they ride around in the cul-de-sac in and it has a real life radio in it, so they turn it to rap music and start dancing. It's hilarious.... occassionally we find it on tejano or classical.... which is quite intertesting as well.

Now, from the movies


-- Mayday! Mayday!
-- Dave likes to wear, dirty underwear!
-- Chick-a-wow-wow Chick-a-wow-wow
-- Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
-- You look hot girl!
-- Won't you take me to funky town?
(he also does the dance moves!)


-- Are you feelin lucky, punk?
-- I just wanna show him my cannons (as he holds out his arms and shows his "muscles" instead of guns)
-- this looks like a cool place to kick it!
-- Oopps! My bad!
-- Are you ladies man 217?
-- You wanna piece of me?
-- Autobots. Transform and Roll out!

Hank can tell you exactly what part of the movie these lines come from as well. It absolutely cracks me up. He knows much more from other movies, but these are the most common. I just wanted to share and give everyone a good laugh for the day. Just imagine a tiny 4 year old saying "you wanna a piece of me?" to his grandma..... what a wonderful feeling to show my in-laws what I teach my son.... lol!!


Aimee' said...

Yeah the girls do this too...like when I heard them singing "I see you whining crying up on the floor" *it's really "I see you winding and grinding up on the floor" or something like that. THANKFULLY they have those words ALL wrong from that Akon song!!!!! And they love them some Britney Spears...I usually just turn the radio off in the car now when they are in there or we listen to Hannah Montana...over and over...and over one more time.

The Van Fam said...

bahhhhahaha! i love it. we have a car that sings "who let the dogs out" and JD plays it over and over and MacKenzie dances. Like really dances. She dances so much that she literally falls over from dizzyness. it's hilarious. oh...and JD says, "Hey mom...crank it up!" ahahaha!