Walkin' Talkin' Monster of ours!

He Walks! He Talks!! He Attacks!!!

Yes, it's official. We have a walking, talking attack child on the loose! Jace has been renamed 'monster' in our house because he walks around with his arms straight out as he races twards you groaning/screaming "ahhhhh" and then proceeds to attack you. Which could be head but you, bite you or just claw you while climbing on you as high as he can get. I'm not quite sure where he learned this, but it seems to be one of his latest things.

Jace is so much fun now. Not that he wasn't before, but now that he is walking, he is of course, trying to run. He wants to do everything big brother does (which isn't new) but now, he pretty much can.... or at least he can ruin what big brother does, such as tear down his lego tower, knock out his "armies" (army men) in one bash, tear up his books, attack his blanket and bite it so hard you can't get it out of his mouth.... the list goes on. Luckily for the most part, Hank is pretty understanding. He has his moments, but he's learning there isn't much you can do about it. Jace is a baby...scratch that...monster and there is no stopping him.

He is also "talking" if you want to call it that. Sure, the dr asked at his 15 month check up what words he's saying other than mama and dada and I had answers, but could she understand that was what he was saying? I doubt it. Shoes is more like shhuuus. This is diss. That is dat. Bubba is baba. bye bye is bi. hi is bi. (yes they are pretty much the same thing ha). We know what he means, but even others with kiddos probably couldn't figure out his mandarin chinese language he speaks. But yes, to answer the dr's question, he speaks.... and screams, and yells, and squeals and sqwaks, and screams... did I say that already? Did I mention the kid squeals like a girl? I mean high pitch ear piercing squeal! It's probably one of the worst things I've ever heard and he does it.... A LOT! But yes, he speaks.

The cutest thing he does lately is when Shay gets home and he hears that door open (and little man bark) he screams "dada" and bolts in high gear to the door (or the gate if we are upstairs). It's the sweetest things, yet all Shay wants to do is put down his breifcase and wash his hands before he picks him up, because once he holds him, there is no putting him down. Seriously folks, when Shay is home, I swear it looks like Jace is a growth coming off his hip. He will not, for any reason, allow Shay to put him down. He just attaches to him like a velcro ball to a velcro mit. I feel bad for Shay, but what can I do? When daddy is home, I'm nothing to the boys. Who cares what mommy wants/says.... I'm the "bad cop" who says no, tells them it's bed time and doesn't allow them to rough house. Plus when Shay isn't around, I become the velcro mit, so not much sympathy here.

Jace's other favorite thing, to climb. He can climg the slide to the fort. He can climb the ladder to the fort. He can climb the small ladder to the monkey bars (which he can't reach so this is a "danger zone" in the backyard). He climbs on the tables and chairs. He climbs on the desk chair to get to the computer. He climbs on the bed. He would probably climb out of his bed if he was in it long enough to figure it out. He has become a very good sleeper, so he pretty much goes straight to sleep without wanting out lately. (THANK GOODNESS!!) But I'm sure I'll be eating my words tomorrow when he shows me that this too he has figured out. We bought the swing set, yes...sadly to say, to be somewhat of a "babysitter" so to speak (go ahead, think what you want, call me a bad mom....but when you have two wild animals...ooppss....boys, you will understand where I'm coming from) .... at least for a few minutes, but it has in turn turned out to be the hardest part of my daily life because Jace can not be left alone in the backyard for .2 seconds before he is up in the fort hanging over the open side where the rock wall is. It's seriously the worst idea I've ever had.... and I'm kicking myself for it everyday. Well not really, but I'm not liking the idea at the moment. Ask me next summer and I might feel differently.

Anyway, we now have what most call a "toddler" and not really a baby anymore. Kind of sad actually. Of course it's nice, because he's starting to become more independant, but it's hard on me. This might be my last "toddler" stage I'll ever go thru (which could be a good thing), but it breaks my heart because it's going by way to fast. The more I think about it, I realize Hank will FIVE in Jan.... only 3 months away.... which means Jace will be TWO 5 months after that. Seriously?!? When? How did that happen? I swear I feel like I was just posting that he was born... I'm not so sure I like this.... at all.....

Or maybe I do? Maybe I like the fact that I will soon have some free days to myself again? Or then again, maybe not.....


Aimee' said...

awww i love that little monster!! he's so stinkin adorable!

Amanda said...

what a cutie pie!! I love the stage they are at right now. They are learning so much and they are so much fun because they can't quite get in trouble yet! Chloe does the same thing to Cody when he comes home. She is a daddy's girl!