Prayers for a child with "two mothers"

Hey everyone... please be praying for this beautiful family. Their story is so wonderful and such an amazing story to read. They have been on a very long and tough road towards adopting their second child, a baby girl. The little girl was born on friday and they immediately fell in love and starting feeling as if their prayers were finally being answered. All weekend they have spent hours upon hours with this precious baby and have grown to love her as their daughter. The birth mother and baby were released yesterday from the hospital and now there have been many changes. The birth mother was going to sign over her rights yesterday, but is having second thoughts. Things are still up in the air and their hearts are breaking.

Please, beg God to help this birth mother to make her decision quickly, but also for her to be at peace with whatever she decides. Please ask Him to give Adrienne and Jim and their son Owen some kind of understanding and heal their hearts completely. Please God be with this baby girl and both families in this joyous and heartbreaking time. Inevitably, one of these women is going to lose their "daughter" and that pain, I can only try to imagine, would be unbearable. Please be with both of them and help them to see clearly and do what is in the best intrest of this angel of yours.

Go read their story for yourself.... Another Ordinary Miracle


Aimee' said...

ive been reading this blog too...i was so sad to see how it ended.

Amanda said...

Hey!! Ive been praying for them, too. And Im so glad to see you read Bring the Rain and MckMamas blogs...such strong powerful Christ-like women. They are an inspiration, right??
How are ya'll??