Monday's Mission:OUR BEDROOM

Okay, so a few months ago I came across a website that was talking about clutter. Not just clutter in your house or car, but clutter in your life. The clutter in your mind and in your heart. For the first few days I was 100% committed and I did what it said and I liked the outcome at the end of the day, but once again, I let life get in the way and I eventually stopped....

But I'm back. I'm determined. I'm ready to take hold of this "clutter" and rid it from my life, my house, my car, my mind, my body and my heart. I'm ready to clean myself and find the true meaning behind all that I have been blessed with.

As most of you know (because I only have like 3 people that read this and you all know me IRL) I've been that kind of person that has liked "things." I hate to say it, but I'm a materialistic person. For as long as I can remember I always liked/wanted the name brands. I got my hair done every 6 weeks without fail and my nails always looked perfect. I appeared to have it "all together." Most people wouldn't have known that was just my way of keep the crumbling pieces from falling apart.

So here I am... many, many years later and all of those things that used to matter so much to me couldn't be farther from my mind. (ex:i haven't had my hair cut in, well, it will be a year in MARCH!) Now, I'm not saying having nice things and taking care of yourself is bad or wrong... because it's not AT ALL. For me, I just needed to learn the meaning behind it all for me and I needed to find a good balance.

Well, I'm still learning and trying to create that balance in my life, but I have to start somewhere. I feel like since losing weight I've lifted a lot of "pressure" off myself about being this person that feels the need to hide who she is. Instead, I want to embrace myself and accept me for who I am, while constantly changing and improving all aspects of her life.

That's where Monday's Mission comes in to place. Back when I first found that blog I was talking about, the first day was to rid clutter in your house. Their challenge was to throw away 27 things. It didn't matter if it was something as small as a piece of paper or to go thru that "do not enter closet" we all have and start purging. Regardless of what it is, all you had to do was throw away 27 things. Simple enough....

Well because I know that is easy and I know it can be done... I've decided to create my own challenges for myself (and you guys if you want to join along). I have areas of my house I always put off for tomorrow. You know, that closest or drawer or cabinet that you know you need to weed thru and get rid of, but it's just not going to be fun.... well no more. I have purged myself of physical weight and now I want to purge the weight of "crap" in my house. I no longer want to walk into a room and be overwhelmed because I don't know where to start or how to fix the problem. I want to feel a clamness come over me no matter where I am. I also no longer want to associate "things" with happiness. I know that sounds shallow or however you want to see/say it, but the truth is, that's how I've measured myself for a long time. The new "whatever" would always make me feel good for a while, but it always faded.

No more. No more crap. No more lies. No more excuses.

So, here I am pledging to re-learn the meaning happiness. I will re-learn the meaning of peace and comfort. I will not only learn how to see the importance in items, but in not having them. I will change. I will teach myself and my children all the things I've lost sight of and make a positive impact on their life and my own. I will declutter my life.

1. Must take picture of room monday morning just as it looks and post on blog
2. Must spend all week focusing on this room only (while doing regular household chores)
3. Everyday I must pick one section of the room and finish it completely without putting it off for tomorrow.
4. Must take and post picture on friday by 4 pm just as looks, completed or not.

Monday's Mission:
-Pick one room/area in the house to work on that week (I'm giving myself a whole week because I do not want it to take away from my other commitments and responsibilities, nor do I want to overwhelm myself)
-Dedicate my time to decluttering the whole room and giving it a "purpose"
(ex: our bedroom is for US. Calmness, Peace, Relaxation)
-Anything that does not belong for that "purpose" must be removed
-Throw away 27 things
-Donate 12 things
-Clean from top to bottom
-Show it off!! (post picture)

Alright.... well now that I'm putting it out there, it's something I "must" do. It's not only something I've told myself I will do, you all can hold me accountable so I can't let you guys down!!

So, with risking total embarrassment, I will now post a before picture of the room I've chosen for this week: OUR BEDROOM! (since our bathroom and closet are attached to our bedroom, I'm also including those as bedroom)

Our bedroom: laundry on the floor, sheets in process of being changed, "stuff" without a place

Our bedroom: as you walk in, laundry that needs to be folded, cuttered desk, etc.

Our closet: "stuff" without a place, organized chaos

Our bathroom sinks: always stuff onthe counter
Under one side of the sink

Under the other side of the sink


Aimee' said...

my favorite part of the pictures is jace's little head in them! lol so cute! i have faith in ya girl... i know you'll get it done.

the nelson family said...

hi there! i just happened upon your blog tonight. i can't tell you how much i related to your post! i would love to know the site that you found about losing the clutter in your life. hope you will share!

The Van Fam said...

okay....where is the picture??!!!

i have quite the opposite problem. i compulsively throw stuff out. i organize and re-organize over and over again. yeah, i am pretty sure it's a form of OCD. that being said, there is that one area that could be better organized - the guest room closet. so, maybe i will accept your challenge there. oh and the garage. it's pretty bad. but as far as the house, i am utterly obsessed with cleaning. my poor kids. we didn't go to a playdate today so that i could clean. really, is that not horrible?! i am sore tonight from cleaning all 4 bedrooms upstairs, vacuuming, cleaning showers, bathtubs, sinks, mirrors, dusting, polishing, changing sheets and i am sure more. it's ridiculous. i think i need some anti-anxiety meds b/c that is why i do it. clutter and mess literally makes me feel ill. like...i have the flu. jimmy hates it. he's not that neat of a person. and of course, there are kids...they are constant mess-makers!

well. i am pretty sure if just left a blog on you blog! haha!