The Hulett Family

Well I've finally decided to start one of these things. Who knows if I'll have time to post regularly like I would like, but I'll at least give it a shot! I figure it might be a good way to keep you all updated with all the new changes in our lives. Even better, this will allow you to see Hank and Jace grow up (in pictures) and hear all the funny, happy and loving stories that happen everyday in our household. =) I promise I'll do my best to post at least a few times a week and add weekly pictures of our two boys. They grow up so fast and change so much in such a short amount of time, I want you all to be able to see how much they grow.

So anyway.... on to whats new in our life. For those of you that don't know, Jace was born JUNE 18,2007 at 4:40 am. He was a tiny little guy weighing in at only 5lbs 3oz and 18.5 inches long. Regardless that he was almost 4 weeks early, he was/is healthy and doing wonderful! He has lost a little weight (he is down to 5lbs 1oz), so we are taking him to the dr every few days to check his progress, so be praying for him that he will be able to put on some weight by thursday! =) x crossing my fingers x Other than that...he is eating, sleeping and pooping and thats about it! ha. He is so far a wonderful baby. He is starting to stay awake a little more throughout the day and he is very observant. He just stares at you and will follow you as you move your head, making sure you aren't leaving his sight. He is already (started at 3 days old!) lifting his head, although it's not very stable, but he's trying! What a blessing he is to our family and oh my, what a proud big brother we have!

Hank is just in heaven. He wants to know where his baby brother is at all times. He wants to hold him and kiss his head all the time. He asked me yesterday to put Jace down so he could walk, ha, so that was the first of many questions of "why not?" I'm sure I'll hear. He is doing such a good job at being helpful and understanding. He is a wonderful big brother!! He is in his last week of his first session summer school right now and enjoying every second of it. He has next week off for 4th of July and then will go back the following week, so I have a feeling next week will be a little tough because he is going to ask to go to school EVERYDAY! ha. He is too cute for words! He is talking up a storm and his new favorite thing is to "tell me a story." He says "mom, i have a story to tell you" and he continues on with "a fish came to get me, and it jumped out of the water, and the crocodile got it, and i was scared. it was really big." He has such an imagination!! And what a smarty pants he is. He has no problem correcting anyone when they say something wrong or call his "tractors" the wrong name. "no mom, thats not a bulldozer, it's a steamroller!" Or "no mom, it's not a car, it's a RACE CAR!" gosh... get it right mom!! =) He just has so much to say ALL the time and is still VERY busy. He is such a joy in our lives and I just know his little brother is going to love him and look up to him so much! We as parents might be asking for it, but I can't wait for all the memories these two will make for us! =) We are just so thankful God chose to bless us as much as he has... how fortunate we are to have this beautiful family we have made.

Well everyone, I'm signing off. I just wanted to updated everyone and let you know how we are doing. Everything is great. Shays business is doing great and he is working hard. I'm loving every minute of raising my sons. How rewarding it is!! Hope we get to see you all sometime in the near future so you can meet our newest addition. Thank you all for all the prayers and well wishes you have sent our way. You can never have too many people praying for you! God Bless you all.

Brotherly Love!


The Van Fam said...

Love it!!! Welcome to the blogging world! I have been waiting for you to start one of these!!! Now I get to see those precious faces weekly!! Oh, and loved the picture of Jayce with his eyes open!

ErinLynn said...

Riss... I'm so glad you created a blog. I can't wait to read it every week and hear about all the adorable things the boys are up to! I'm so happy for you. Love you!

Belinda said...

Hey Riss!!
I just read your blog. It will make the time away from you guys a little easier. Especially if I get to see pictures! MamMaw will like to see them too! I guess she'll finally get a computer? Jace is already changing so fast! Gotta go to work - Luv Ya!