"He's my friend!"

Well I wanted to let everyone know their prayers helped! Jace gained 3 ounces since monday!! WOO HOO! =) He is now at 5lbs 4oz....ABOVE his birth weight! His DR was pleased and happy to see our little guy thriving... and of course so was I. I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers, I know they helped. He is sleeping and eating great and just still as happy as could be. Shoot... I guess I wouldn't be complaining either if someone told me "sleep as much as you want and when you're hungry let me know and I'll feed you and PLEASE gain weight!"

Big Eyes

How sweet is that face?
So innocent when they sleep...

And on to our daily entertaining stories of Hank. Yesterday SuSu found a little lizard for Hank. So we put it in his bug box and he named him.... what you think? JACK! ha. Since he didn't get his way with his baby brother his named his "wizard" Jack.... although we did let him go last night, Hank still says his "wizard" is his friend. Along with the fly that just WON'T die flying around in the house, the worms he wants to see on a daily basis, all the poor roly poly's he had chunked back into the grass after forcing them in a ball and holding them in his hands for hours and all the other bugs he comes across. "yeah mom, you see? that's my friend" His new favorite saying. Everything/Everyone is his friend. It's so cute the way he says it. Like he's so sure of it and don't even consider questioning him, because he said so and he knows all. =) He also thinks it's OK to wear whatever he wants. Not understanding some things just DON'T go together. For example...

Boots and shorts.... not the best look =)

and boots riding his bike... that might make things a little harder... don't ya think?