I <3 my husband!

What a beautiful gift I got yesterday when Shay came home from work. He handed Hank a little box to give to me (you know--one that jewelry comes in) and of course Hank opened it for me and said "here mom, it's a surprise!" as he handed me a silver necklace with two baby shoes hanging from it. One with Hank's birthstone and the other with Jace's. I have wanted one of these baby shoes since Hank was born... it might have taken me a while to get it (haha) but I'm so excited! I love it! And I was SO surprised! He might have had a little help (lol) but regardless, I'm so happy. Now even when one or both of my "babies" aren't with me, I can still feel they are close to me.

I must admit though, I was a little confused when it came to Jace's birthstone. I always thought June was pearl... which it is, but there is also moonstone and alexandrite. So when I saw the garnet I knew that was January for Hank, but the light purple stone for Jace was different. It wasn't a pearl so I thought maybe they placed the wrong stone. Nope... after googling june birthstone, I found there are many different stones for each month, and even more confusing... alexandrite is many different shades of colors. You can have a blue/green, red/green, red/purple, blue/red, dark purple, light purple and the list goes on. How can one stone be so many different colors? Weird... I know, but either way, the stone I have, is BEAUTIFUL! =) It's light purple, which is (one shade of) alexandrite (much better than a pearl in my opinion! ha).

Anyway I just wanted to share how wonderful my husband is and how lucky I feel to have him and my beautiful children! =) What a beautiful life God has blessed me with.


ErinLynn said...

That is beautiful Rissa! Shay did very good!!

The Van Fam said...

BEAUTIFUL! I want something like that once this girly is here. Jimmy gave me a beautiful necklace when I was in the hospital with JD of a little boy. I hope he comes through again!! LOL!