My little ChUnK!

Well today was Jaces 2 month check up (which he is actually 10 weeks).... and boy is he growing!! He weighs 11 lbs 1 oz and is 21.5 inches long!! He went from the 5 % in weight to 25%. At this rate he might just outweigh Hank before we know it. Ha Ha! =) Dr said he is growing well and looks good, even if he is on the "small" side. Thats to be expected since he was small at birth. Hank was 11 lbs 3 oz at 13 weeks, so weight wise, Jace is leading, but Hank was longer at 21 3/4 in at 8 weeks. Poor thing... let's just hope Jace didn't get TOO many of my genes and he'll eventually grow up to be tall like his daddy! ha.

I also got some not so good news at his visit...he has a heart murmur too. =( She didn't make it sound like it was too serious, but she wants to have it checked out by the cardiologist that's seeing Hank since Hank has one and we're already going. We were hoping to have them both checked at Hank's appt but they can't, so Jace goes Oct. 9.

It's a little overwhelming to hear that Jace has a heart murmur too. I know people keep telling me that they are more common than you think and try not to stress about it, but I can't help but worry. It's MY children that have them. And with Hank already have been to 2 other cardiologists and now they want to check it AGAIN, you can't help but wonder why and is everything really ok. Sometimes I wonder if Dr's really know anything! It just seems every dr tells you something different... it's pretty aggrivating because we as parents are supposed to trust them and believe they know what they are doing. That's kind of hard when everything you're told is contridicting to a different dr you've seen. But I know it's all out of my hands. I know deep down it's not anything I did to cause this and I can't do anything to make it "go away." All I know to do is pray. Pray that God is holding both of my boys in His hands and will protect them as best He can. And I have faith that He is.

So again here I am asking you all to send up a prayer for both my guys when you think about it. Too many prayers is never enough!! =) It means a lot to our family and I really appreciate all the well wishes and kind words. I will keep you all updated as we know more.


Hanks's appt is next thurdsay, Sept.6 at 2:45 pm
Jace's appt is tuesday, Oct 9 at 11 am