Time's flying by, moving so fast, you better make it count, cause you can't get it back

The past few months have been nothing less than challengeing to say the least. My patiences have been tested in every way imaginable, and surprisingly, I'M STILL HERE! ha. I have worried myself sick about finding a house to buy and trying to pack up where we live, all for what? NOTHING! Some lessons I guess I'll never learn!!! I should know by now... GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! And it's best that way...
At times, actually, most of the time, I try to do everything myself. I think I can handle it and I'll "fix" whatever might be wrong. Ha, and God is laughing... hysterically! After stressing and worrying over something big or small for days or months, it all ends up working out JUST HOW IT'S SUPPOSED TO.... imagine that! So why do I do it? Heaven knows.... it's the female in my I guess. But I'm done. I've officially given up my "need to please" and I'm letting go. I have decided life is so much more pleasant and enjoyable this way... and it goes by WAY to fast to miss out on one more second worrying about something that is out of my control... so here I am, putting it out there, that I'm giving all my "control" to the Lord. I'm finally going to let Him do what He is going to do anyway (ha) and I am not going to try to do His job ANYMORE!

WOO HOO FOR ME!!! I'm expecting all of you to hold me accountable for this. I am asking for you to remind me when I "forget" and help me to remember that God's plan is bigger than mine and nothing I can do can change His. What He wants, He gets... end of story! And thank God for that... because His plan is so much greater than any plan I could dream of for myself... so Thank you Lord for all the blessings you have decided to give me, even when I don't deserve them. I am forever thankful.

So once again, God is blessing our family. He is giving us the opportunity to finally own our FIRST HOME!!! And we couldn't be MORE EXCITED about it!!! It's taken months of looking and many, many discouraging days that ended in tears, but it was SO worth it! I am blogging about this, even tho it's not a "done deal" because I have faith it will all end up good. Right now, we are SUPPOSED to close on our home, Sept.7.... NEXT FRIDAY!!! It seems that THIS is it!! Everything has really just fallen into place and worked out just how it's supposed to, so I find myself with this calm, peaceful feeling when thinking of it. I am just elated that the time has come to finally "settle down." And we are DUE!! We have moved around and been in limbo for the past 4 years now... so this is such a wonderful, happy time for us. We are really thankful for all that is happening and what the future looks like for our family. How beautiful the view is!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share our GOOD news and put it out there that God is soooo GOOD! He is truly more than I can imagine and I am praising you Lord.... Thank you again, for all the amazing gifts you have given to me and my family.... We will cherish them forever! and here is our NEW HOME!!!!!

These lyrics say it all. Nothing has ever hit home quite like this song... It really makes you stop and think about your life. I know it made me reevaluate what is really important to me.... =)