I'm still here.... I promise!!!

Hey guys! I know, I know... It's been forever... but a lot has happened. I've been incredibly busy since the last post, so you can't be mad! =) First off, we are OFFICALLY HOMEOWNERS!! Woo Hoo for us! I couldn't be happier, even if it is a pain to unpack and try to get situated. Anyone who really knows me, knows how much I hate this part! I hate unpacking from a weekend trip and would rather leave our bags sitting in our room until we have unknowingly removed every item we needed from the bag before I actually "unpack," much less do I like to unpack millions of boxes with "unneeded" things in them. I mean obviously...we've been here a month already and I have many boxes that need to be unpacked that I have yet to do so and I am surviving without whatever is in them, so I continue to put it off. Which then aggrivates me even more because there is nothing worse than waking up to boxes or walking into the garage and seeing the overwhelming amount of the things to get rid of or find a place for. Of course Shay says "throw it away" and he has no idea whats in the box. He just wants the "stuff" gone, no matter what it is, but I know better. I know when we do need whatever it is, he won't want to buy it, so it's worth saving, even tho right now, we don't use it. ha!! But anyway.... the point is, WE FINALLY OWN OUR OWN HOME!!! I can't even tell you how excited and relieved I am to be able to say that. It's such a wonderful feeling. =) Especially for me.... someone who has rented and moved 4 times in less than 4 years! Just such a blessing it is to finally be somewhere that is OURS! Oh, it feels good! =)
But besides that, it's even better to know our "little" one (if you want to call him that considering he was 13 lbs 15 oz then) is OKAY! Jace went to the cardiologist on Oct 9 and he is FINE!!!! The dr said it's a common murmur and he sees no need to see him again unless for some reason in the future his pediatrician thinks there is a need for it. That is by far the best news I've heard in a LONG time!!! Yes, Hank is ok, but we still have to take him back in 2 years and his murmur is NOT innocent, so the constant worry for him (even tho the dr said it's nothing to worry about) is enough! I can't imagine having to worry about both of my kiddos (more than I already do)! Thank you all for your prayers for Jace and our family.... God is listening!!! =)
What's new? Hmm... My Mammaw, or as Hank has renamed her, MIMI, is having her (hopefully) last surgery Oct. 25 to have everything "reversed" and she is very excited about that, despite the recovery and all that not so fun stuff. She is doing well and is CANCER FREE!!!! YAY!!!! On the other hand, my best friend, Aimee.... her dad MIGHT have bladder cancer, so PLEASE all of you, keep your prayers going for my family and hers. Aimee, I love you and you know without a doubt you are in our prayers, as well as your WHOLE family, especially your dad right now!!! Keep your head up!!! =)
Well, thats it for now...I will write more often, I PROMISE!!! Things have calmed down FINALLY!!! Oh yeah... I don't want to forget... DUSTIN IS OFFICALLY MARRIED!!! WOO HOO!!! I have another awesome sister in law I am so excited about!! =)
Hope you all are doing as good as I am!! =)