Is it Christmas Yet?

Every morning the first thing Hank asks is "is it Christmas yet?" He doesn't quite understand why he has to wait for Santa to come to his house, when he just saw him the other day. ha. He is continously reminding me of all the things he asked Santa for and at the same time, adding to that list with every commercial he sees. We might have to get rid of all the furniture in the house to store all the toys if he gets everything he says he wants.

As many of you know, Hank has quite the imagination on him. He is always telling me stories about anything and everything... and half the time I have NO IDEA where he learned anything he is telling me. The best was probably when he was looking up inside our fireplace and he said (not knowing I was listening) "hey Santa, I made you a picture and I'll leave it here for you when you come out." He thinks Santa lives in our chimney... and I plan to let him believe that as long as he wants, b/c it's just too cute to watch him go to the chimney and look up and see if he can see him. lol.

This year Christmas is so much fun with him. For the first time, he understands what it's about and is excited about Christmas morning. For those that don't know or didn't remember, he spent most of Christmas last year in the ER for being so sick, so this year is extra special to us. For many reasons... we are finally going to be celebrating as a family with no where to be and nothing do but be together! (of course we love to see family on the holidays but it's a nice change to just be together with no work or anything to distract us) We also are spending it in OUR FIRST HOME!!! And most importantly... it's Jace's FIRST CHRISTMAS! This is going to be a GREAT CHRISTMAS!!

I am just thankful for all we have and have been blessed with. We are so fortunate to have this life we do together. We have more than we could ever need and I'm so grateful for every second we have together. What a treasure my family is to me. All I wanted for Christmas is everything I have. The 4 of us, healthy, happy and together. Oh I can't wait for Christmas day to be here!!

Anyway I just wanted to share Hank's funny Santa story with you guys and thank you all for the prayers for baby Coy and my best friend Aimee's dad. Coy is fighting hard and getting stronger each day. There is a long road ahead of them, but nothing they can't handle with the Grace of God. Aimee's dad is doign well and is going to beat this Cancer!!! We are so very thankful for all the blessings God is giving to us and those we love....