It's finally here.... Hanks FOURTH birthday! It's hard to imagine four years ago he was only 5lbs 12.5 oz and couldn't say a word (lol). Somedays it feels like it was FOREVER ago and others like just yesterday. Either way, I'm so happy for him, but so sad for me. He has been so excited that his birthday was coming up.... he couldn't wait so he told EVERYONE (even strangers in the store!) He still doesn't quite understand why today is his birthday but that his party is not until saturday, but he's happy because he gets a birthWEEK instead. ha.

Of course I love to see him change and grow everyday and the older he gets the more fun and entertaining he becomes, but I still want to cry because it's flying by way to fast. Before I know it, he'll be graduating high school and I'll sit back and wonder where the years went. He is such a joy and blessing in our lives, I just want to hold him and keep him little forever. I never want him to get too old where he doesn't need me anymore. At the same time, I look so forward to all the new things he learns and does. He has such an imagination on him, it's crazy. He is so thoughtful and respectful (for the most part.... he is still only four!) and such a wonderful big brother. Hank is so much more than I could have every dreamed of in a child. He fills my days with smiles, laughter and more love than I've ever know. He is our whole world (so is Jace!) and we love him "to the moon and back!"

Hank-- Mommy and daddy love you more than you will ever know or understand. You are amazing and such a beautiful soul. You have so much life left to live and we can only hope and pray you find nothing but peace and happiness in all your days. We wish for you that all your dreams will come true and always know we support you 100% ALWAYS. Follow your heart and big things will happen. This world is a better place because you're in it.... Thank you for making our lives worth living. You are the greatest son anyone could dream of and we are so grateful for you. We love you angel boy!


On another note, please be praying for Shay's grandmother. The day after Christmas she went in for surgery to have her colon repaired and since then it's been a constant fight for her life. One day she's looking good and the next it's touch and go. Right now, it's the worst and dr's are just saying it's minute by minute. Please pray hard for her to keep fighting. She's a strong willed and stubborn woman, so pray for that to kick in and take over. She's in surgery now and it's a procedure that's needed to save her life, but it's also one that could take it instead. Pray and ask God to watch over Shay's mother and her sister and brother. Ask Him to help them find peace in whatever the outcome may be and ask God to hold Shays grandfather in His hands and help him find the strength to get through this. With his health how it is, this is a fight for both of them.

Please, I'm begging You God, be with Shay and his brothers and sisters, his mom and her siblings and the rest of their family right now. Put Your hand on them and help ease their pain. Please be beside Mimi, holding her hand, in this fight for her life and please guide the dr's and nurses to know the right way to help her and do what is best. We are asking You Lord to be with everyone and help them to find the strength, courage, wisdom and faith they all need to get through this trying time. We trust in You, Our Lord.... Be with us and protect us. Amen.


Aimee' Lynn said...

Happy Birthday Hankster! It's so weird...I remember the day you called and told me you were pregnant! I remember exactly where I was...and you told me to pull over because i was driving! hahaha You have such a beautiful family and you guys are so blessed. I will def pray for Shay and his family in their time of need.