Miracles DO Happen...

Miracles really do happen. I know this because I am constantly witnessing them happen in my life everyday. I am so grateful to all of you who have been praying for our family. For good things to happen for us. For Shay's business to grow and for our children to do the same. I am so thankful for all of our friends, who are more like family, and our immediate family that want nothing but the best for us all. We appreciate it and we return the prayers for you all.

It appears your prayers are working!! As of right now, Shays grandma is doing better!! YAY GOD! Thank you Lord for saving her and holding her tightly to protect her and bring her thru the hard times. We know there is still a lot of fighting left to do, but we are just so happy there will be more time to fight! She is holding on and slowly but surely pulling thru. Dr's say it was a true miracle she made it and they believe now she had a good chance at surviving and recovering. What a blessing!

And again, your prayers are really doing wonders up there! God is still holding on to baby Coy and helping him fight. He is now over a month old and 2 lbs! What a wonderful blessing he is to his parents and family. I know they appreicate all the prayers and well wishes people send their way daily. You can still keep an update on him at their website www.prayforcoy.blogspot.com I check it daily.... every morning without fail. It really helps put my day and life into perspective. Makes me realize how fortunate I am. And I know Ann Marie and Chris feel they are fortunate as well. The most important person in their life is STILL ALIVE and is getting stronger everyday! Right now, I know that's what they are most thankful for.... We all are. Keep beating the odds baby Coy. We all love you and you have many, many people watching over you! Hang in there Ann Marie and Chris. God is great and he is working miracles for you guys!

I am also here to continue to ask for prayers for my best friend, Aimee's dad. He was supposed to start treatment for his bladder cancer earlier this month and they found he has an infection so it has been pushed back. Pray the antibiotics will rid him os infection so he can start his treatments soon so he can kick this cancer. He is a very strong willed man, so giving up will never be an option to him.... so please pray he will continue to have the same strength he has always had. Pray for his family, his children to find courage and the strength they need to help him fight this and for them to find some kind of peace to still enjoy their own lives and all the good things God has given them. Aimee is getting married in Oct 2008!! Yay bestest!!! Pray for her to find joy in the planning of her wedding despite all she is dealing with and for her to find happiness spending time with her fiance and her two step-daughters. Pray for Sherie, Aimee's sister, to enjoy everyday with her son Nate and husband Ben and not let all that is going on consume them. Please also pray for Ben's mom. She is also fighting cancer, which is a very hard fight for her. Pray for Aimee's younger brother, that he can find strength where he needs it and can be the man he should be thru this all. Bestest (aims) I love you and you know you have many people, many you don't even know, praying for you and your family.... your dad especially. God is good and He is doing great things in your dad and for all of you. Believe that!

Well everyone, I just wanted to say thanks and give you a quick update on those I have asked prayers for. My family is doing well. We are happy, healthy and enjoying everyday we have together. Hank is offically 4 and he knows he's a big boy now. He started a new school last week and is LOVING it! Jace is growing everyday. You wouldn't believe how big he is! So many changes going on, but the most important thing that has never changed is our love for each other and God. We are truly blessed! My mom is good, busy work, but doing well, and so is Dickie. My grandma is feeling great and finally fully recovered from her surgeries! Thank the Lord! My dad and Diana are busy working and enjoying each other, still living in Houston. My brother loves his new job and Sarah and Caitlin can't wait for him to be home and not have to travel anymore! This is his last week!! YAY!! Boogie is working his butt off and living life to the fullest. I have more than I deserve, but am more than grateful for every little thing God has given to me.

Thanks again everyone!! Keep praying and know we are praying in return for you! Miracles happen everyday.... thank God for that!


Aimee' Lynn said...

You made me cry! At work! Thank you so much for all of your continued support...I don't know what I would do without you!! I will continue to pray for Shay's grandma and baby Coy, I also check his blog everyday. Love you bestest!