God is GOOD!

Well everyone, I'm happy to report Aimee's mom is home and headed for a full recovery after her surgery. They removed 42 (yes, 42!!) staples the other day and she is heading back to Louisiana saturday. She is ready to be home, even tho Aimee and her sister would rather her stay. She wants her bed....her house....her things. So thank you all for the prayers for the surgery to go well..... They were heard!!! Keep praying that she continues to heal and all stays well!!!

Another good note... Aimee's dad had surgery yesterday and is CANCER FREE!!! YAY GOD! He is so good to us!! He will have one more round of treatment just to be safe, or as the dr told them "just for kicks" but he is doing great as well. Now please, just pray for him and Aimee's mom to quit smoking COMPLETELY!!! And I will be praying for any of you who smoke to be able to kick the habit as well. I hope you are praying for yourself too. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stop smoking. If you haven't seen what all it can do to someone after this, then you need to open your eyes a little bigger and be selfish for once and do what is BEST FOR YOU!!! Please, I pray for your strength to stop smoking. I pray for my family members that smoke and hope they will be given the courage and strength they need to let the habit go.

On the other hand, I have a few more prayer requests. Shay's cousin Brandon and his wife Tiffany were blessed with the birth of their beautiful little girl Payton in the middle of May. Since then, sadly, Payton has failed two hearing tests and they now will go see a pediatric Audiologist June 9. The dr told them to prepare for the worst. As we all know, prayers can make miracles happen!!! Please join with me and pray for God to hear baby Payton Elizabeth Awalts ears. Pray He will take her in His hands and help her mature so that they do not have to prepare for the worst. Be praying for her parents, Brandon and Tiffany, to find the strength they need to pull thru, the knowledge they need to understand the outcome and the faith they will need to hold on to should the unspeakable happen. Please God, lay your hand on Payton and protect her and heal her. Please lift her up in your prayers tonight and everyday after that all will go well at the Audiologist and if something is wrong, their is a cure!!!

I also want to pray for people I don't know, yet they need all the prayers they can get. If you have read my previous posts, you know about the family that lost their baby girl Audrey. Well they have now lost their nephew who was barely 2 months old. They believe it was SIDS. Please pray for their whole family and for baby Luke's parents. I can not imagine what they are going thru. I know from reading their story I will hug Jace even more than I already do and will sleep peacefully knowing he is "out of the woods" for SIDS in a few more weeks. I have heard of stories of babies dying from SIDS, but this is the "closest" story I've heard to someone I "know." I am just begging God for mercy on that family. They have suffered unimaginable amounts of pain already, please ask Him to lift the hurt, grief and struggles from them. Like Angie says in her blog, pray for God to distribute some of the grief onto us. Let us help them by carrying a little part of their grief for them so it does not turn into to much for them to handle.

Again, thru it all, I still believe GOD IS GOOD! He is always good.... no matter what we may be dealing with. He does not cause our suffering and pain. He does not do these terrible things to us. But He loves us even when we blame Him for the tough times. He is good. He is always here. He is GREAT!


Aimee' Lynn said...

God is so good!! Thank you for your support during this rough patch of my life...wouldn't have made it without my bestest. This has only made me stronger...