Growing up...

Just thought I'd share some pictures of our guys. Man, they grow up way too fast. I just love them so much. Everyday is a new experience. I wish there was a way to record every moment in my mind so I wouldn't forget a single thing.

Jace is changing so much. Still waiting for those first steps.... but they will happen, soon enough I'm sure! His favorite (and really only) word is still "bye" while waving. It's so cute cuz he waves to everyone! =) His new things is making Hank laugh. Jace will squeal which in turn makes Hank crack up and then Jace will squeal louder so Hank will laugh again and repeat. It goes on and on and it's hilarious.... altho very loud at moments. ha. I just love the sound of him laughing. Nothing makes me smile more than the two of my boys just loving being together.

Hank LOVES being a big brother. Our two neighbors are only children (well one of them will have a sister/brother in Nov.) and Hank loves saying "HIS" brother or "MY" brother when they are around. He's very protective already. It's so cute. He is changing so much as well. He is learning so many new things at school everyday that he goes. He is loving his (new) school and enjoying making new friends.

Well, here are some pics!! Hope you enjoy =)



Aimee' Lynn said...

they are growing so fast!!! cherish em while you can..