Fathers (Day) Week!

Well as I'm sure most of you know, or at least I hope you remembered, Father's Day is sunday.... and for once I have it all taken care! Yeah, I know... I can't believe it either. I'm normally running around 2 days before trying to get everything done and still trying to figure out what I want to get Shay, but not this year. I've known what I was getting for a while now and some how I've ended up getting even more than planned. The hard part for me is, I am NOT good with keeping surprises. I want to give it to him now. I'm being good, but I must admit it's killing me. =)

Anyway, Stephanie posted yesterday saying she is going to post daily about her husband. Things she loves about and I decided I wanted to join in. No, not blog about HER husband, but mine and how wonderful I think he is and all the things I love most. I'm just warning you now, if you're not in the mood for LoVe then skip these next few posts. =)

Shay and I have been married for 5 years in August. We will be together for 6 years in 2 days. I sometimes can't believe it myself. So going back 6 years ago, I remember one of the things I loved most about Shay was his laid back, chill personality. He was calm and easy going and I always felt so comfortable around him. We always had a good time, no matter where we were (which was The Tap 99% of the time). He was this strong guys guy and nothing was going to stop him from fulfilling his dreams. I admired that, and still do. He did anything and everything he had to to finish school and support himself, then us, as a family. He is the strongest, most determined and admirable person I have ever met. I am truly blessed.

Jumping ahead to today, he is still that man and more. He has come so far. We have come so far together. I love him more everyday. Not only for who he is to me, but who he is to our children. I could not dream of a better father for them. The greatest thing in the world to me is see their faces light up every morning and night when they see their daddy. They both adore him so very much, it's a beautiful thing to witness.

Ok, so onto it. A reason I love Shay... as if I don't have a million reasons I could blog about. I love that he is my best friend. I love that he loves me in a way I never knew a person could love someone. He loves me so much that when I don't always love myself, he fills in that hole until I see what he sees in me. He isn't "that kind of guy" that tells me constantly that I'm beautiful or perfect, which I appreciate, because when he says it, I know he means it and that means even more. He showed me what love is. What love for a person is. What love for a spouse is. What love from a man is. He has taught me so much about myself that I will forever be, or at least feel that I am, indebted to him. But best of all, I love that no matter how much he loves me, I will always love him MORE. (So no ones know, but that's always been our "thing" that I love him "more" and he says he loves me "more." I know gay, but it is what it is and I love it.)

So Shay.... I will always love you MORE. I thank God everyday for creating you JUST for ME. He truly does have a plan for everyone and you were a part of my plan. Praise God for that, because I am not complete without you.

Also.... on everydays post I will post the lyrics to a song that makes me think of him and that I think fits that days post.... so in honor of today's post....

She Likes It In The Morning
Clay Walker

she likes it in the morning
when i run my fingers through her hair
she smiles when i call her darlin
she looks like an angel layin there
she wants me in the evening
to listen close to how she feels
she needs to know i need her
and heaven knows i always will

cuz she loves me
every single day and night
and she says we are everything
thats good in her life
she says she loves me more than anything
on earth and thats almost
as much as i love her

she likes to lay down on me
and rest her head on my chest
and softly whisper to me
what she won't share with anyone else
and theres a sweetness in her laughter
when it's just the two of us
and i try so hard to capture
every little thing she does

cuz she loves me
every single day and night
and she says we are everything
thats good in her life
she says she loves me
more than anything on earth
and thats almost as much as i love her

and she says she loves me
more than anything on earth
and thats almost almost as much
as i love her

and she likes it in the morning



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