A few prayers please!

Hey everyone. As most of you know and some may not, Hank has always had problems with ear infections. Since he was 3 months old he has had continuous ear infections for no apparent reason.

In August 2004, at 7 months old, he had his first set of tubes put in. Of course that was harder on me than him because he didn't have any idea what was going on. For almost a year, it was helpful, until it was time for them to come out, which they did, on their own.

Exactly one year later it was determined he needed a SECOND set of tubes and his adnoids removed, so again in August of 2005 we had that done. That time was a little harder on him but not for the pain, but the fear. That's when the fear of dr's came into the picture.

At that time is when we learned about his heart murmur, which meant more drs and more tests. So needless to say, for years he was not fond of any dr or dr's office. I don't blame him. Slowly but surely he has realized not all dr's are mean, he will not get "poked" (shots) everytime he goes and sometimes they help him.

Well, anyway, his tubes from the second time have stayed in place for a good while, actually his left ear still has the tube, but the right has fallen out. He was ear infection free for quite a while, so we thought we were in the clear. WRONG.

Friday he developed an ear infection in the right ear (the ear without the tube) and his ear drum ruptured. Common for an ear infection. Poor guy was in so much pain and of course it was the weekend. So monday he went to the dr and we were ordered to the ENT, of course. So wednesday of this week we went and thankfully all went pretty well. They did an extensive hearing test because that was the first concern. Too many ear infections and tubes can cause hearing problems, but he is fortunate enough to hear just fine.... Listening on the other hand is something he does not do so well with. =)

The ENT ordered us to the Allergist and Immunologist for MORE tests. Sheesh! I swear my poor baby, at 4 years old, has seen more dr's and had more tests run than most adults have in their whole life! So anyway, on wednesday, June 18 (Jace's first birthday!!) we are headed to the Allergist. Please Please Please pray they can find what's wrong and fix it!!!

The ENT is assuming his allergies are what is causing the drainage that backs up into his ears, so if we can get the allergies under control then maybe the ear infections will stop!!!! CROSSING MY FINGERS.

Also, the immunologist is for testing his immune system. There is a chance his immune system is too weak to fight infections so that could also be the cause of continuous colds. Of course, over the last 4 years, no one has ever told me that allllll the shots babies get when they are younger to build their immune systems, MIGHT NOT WORK. So.... my poor little man, might have to get what they call booster shots. Pretty much, from my understanding, they are shots to boost the immune system and fill in where his initial immunizations didn't work. FANTASTIC! I'm a little aggrivated, but mostly scared and worried for Hank. They will do blood work, which for anyone that knows me, I CAN BARELY HANDLE and I'm an adult! So I'm nervous to see how he is going to do.

So please be praying for him on wednesday. Pray for him to handle all the tests they need to do and pray they can find out whats wrong and fix the problem. If they can't or whatever treatment they decide on does not stop the ear infection, in 3 months Hank will have yet another set of tubes put in. I pray this will not be the case. I don't know if I can handle seeing him go through that again, especially at his age where he never forgets a thing!


Poor Jace, my happy and pretty much healthy baby also is having some health issues. For quite a while now he has been having what dr's are saying constipation. Sure, I know that that is, but this is far worse than that! Of course, all the peditrician will tell me to do, for MONTHS now, is up his fruits and veggies. Give him juice, so baking soda baths. Whatever! IT DOESN'T WORK! You can't force a kid to drink juice he doesn't like. You can only give him so many prunes, wheat, bran, grapes, raisins, pears and whatever else before they don't want it anymore.

SOOOOOO finally, I saw a different dr at his dr's office and she reccomended a pediatric gastroenterologist. Good Lord.... could I have to keep anymore dr's names in order? I swear I feel like I'm taking an 80 year old woman to all her dr's appts with these kiddos! ha.

Anyway, he is scheduled for June 26 to see that dr and I've read and heard nothing but wonderful reviews for him. I pray he can also find what's wrong or give me something to do to help Jace. He is in SOOOO much pain when trying to have a bowel movement, I almost cry everytime for him.

So I'm also asking for prayers for Jace. Be praying for him on thursday, June 26, and pray for that dr to figure out what's wrong or find a way to help him.


Jace has slept through the night every night since Monday. I know... most of you are reading this saying "WHAT?!? HE HASN'T SLEPT THRU THE NIGHT ALL THIS TIME?" Unfortunately no, but hey Hank didn't sleep through the night until he was almost 3 and even after that it wasn't continous (he was just too sick as a baby)..... so this is imporovement. I keep praying for one more good night, day after day. I'm trying to take is step by step, one day at a time. Not getting to far ahead of myself, but I must admit, I'm pretty darn excited. HA. I haven't had a good, full nights sleep in YEARS, so I'm feeling pretty good these days! =)

Thanks ahead of time for keeping us and our boys in your prayers. Every one of them matters and makes a difference. We really appreciate it and I will keep you all posted after the dr's appts to let you know the outcomes. =)



The Van Fam said...

My word...you hands are full.

Hank sounds like my nephew Nicky. He has battled ear infections and strep sine he was a baby. He's literally had strep 30+ times AT LEAST. I pray they find the cause and are able to help Hank. Our Heavenly Father is the almight Physician.

Poor YOU. I can't believe you haven't had a good nights sleep in so long. I have been blessed with sleeping babies (except with the Kenz's colic 4 months). I know what I do without my 8-8 schedule Kenzie is on. JD goes down well, but he now gets up almost every night and comes to our room. Ugh...half the time I don't even wake up! LOL!

ANyways...ckeep me posted!