Special Little Guy

***Fathers Day post to come later***

For Hanks first birthday I wrote a poem for him and now I wrote one for Jace. I would like some input on what you think. I'm posting Jace's first and Hanks after so you can compare. =) THANKS AHEAD OF TIME!

(For Jace)
Special Little Guy

It's hard to believe
One year has already passed
So much has changed
It happened way too fast

June 18, 2007
Was a special day for us all
5lbs 3oz 18.5 inches long
So beautiful yet so small

Now it's time to celebrate
Because you are turning one
You are such a blessing
So happy and so fun

You're mommy's little man
And daddy's pride and joy
Your big brother adores you
You're our beautiful little boy

We couldn't be more blessed
To have you as our son
We look forward to our future
And all that's yet to come

Always know God is with you
and He will never leave your side
Follow your heart and trust yourself
and know He will be your guide

As things will surely change
As the years pass on by
Always believe and never forget
You're our special little guy

(For Hank)
Our Little Boy

5:36 pm on a Wednesday afternoon
5 pounds 12.5 ounces 19 inches long
You were here in our arms
So tiny, yet so strong

It's hard to believe
Just one short year ago
You were just arriving
Oh how fast you sure did grow

So much has happened since that day
That has completely changed our lives
But nothing will be more memorable
Than the first time we looked into your eyes

So many firsts in one year
With even more to come
We can't believe it's already time
For you to be turning one

There is so much we want to give you
And teach you through the years
We promise to always support you
And help you overcome your fears

Life will not always be easy
And things will not always be fair
But trust that God is watching over you
And He is always there

Our love is unconditional
And never will it end
Remember to always trust yourself
And on us you can depend

As the years will quickly pass
You will always bring us joy
But no matter how old you might be
You will always be our little boy



Aimee' Lynn said...

both poems are so beautiful!

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ErinLynn said...

dude both poems are great. you are an amazing writer