We need POOP!

More Updates!

So yesterday the gasternologist appt went pretty well I guess you could say. I'm not sure if I really like the dr or not, but I like that he is at least doing something compared to some drs (refer to previous post). Anyway, there are three things it could be that is making Jace not have a bowel movement.

1. Severe constipation also called functional constipation.
2. Hi thyroid and/or calcium levels.
3. Hirschsprung's disease.

After seeing and talking to the dr he sent us for blood work, or as Hank calls it, to the "blood dr" and they will test that for his calcium and thyroid. Hopefully we'll know those results in the next few days. The dr said because Jace has had a "poop problem" (he didn't use those words exactly) since birth he can't rule out Hirschprung's Disease. Of course, as a mom, hearing the word "disease" immediately sends you into panic mode. So of course I've got a million things running thru my head. He continued to explain that if it is this disease that will require surgery. Right about then I wanted to cry (I didn't, not until I got in the car anyway). So next stop, the methodist hopsital on tuesday July 1 at 10:40 for an x-ray called a barium enema x-ray. From my understanding they will inject something into his intestines and then take an x-ray of his insides. I'm hoping everything comes out CLEAR.... please be praying for this.

Anyway, we won't know anything until after the X-Ray I'm sure, but as of now, please pray for poop! Jace is so uncomfortable not being able to have a bowel movement. When he does it's very painful, so please pray for quick results and even faster treatment! Pray the Dr's know what to look for and that what it is, there is a cure, hopefully one that doesn't require surgery.



Aimee' Lynn said...

im praying for you guys!! i dont like my little guys to be sick! love ya

The Van Fam said...

poor thing. praying for all of y'all!

**Jamie** said...

I'll be praying for you all! My grandmother said she'll put him on the prayer list at her church also! Sending much love and healthy thoughts your way - Jamie