Long overdue

Sorry everyone. I know this post is way late, but I'm doing the best I can with the little time I have on my hands.

So. First thing. Jace DOES NOT have Hirschsprung's Disease!! YAY for that!! I was so thrilled to hear this because the thought of my baby having to go through surgery and the recovery process was too much for me to handle. He does however have what I figured all along, functional constipation. Sadly, there isn't much we can do about it. Stool softners and all the little things we've been doing (more fruits/veggies, juice, baking soda baths, lots of fiber/whole grains, watch his "constipation" causing food intake, etc.) are really our only options. BUT.... as some of you know my mom works with her best friend who started a health drink called POGA MOONGA aka POGA. It is all natural and has seriously worked miracles in so many people, for so many different illnesses. So anyway as of monday I have started putting Poga in Jace's bottles. He's not much of a juice drinker and you can only give him so many pears, peaches, apples, prunes, etc. before he is done and won't eat it anymore. So anyway, he has been pooping just fine ever since!!! I was so reluctant to try it on him before now because I didn't know if something was seriously wrong with him, because if he had the Hirschsprung's Disease, stool softners or anything that helps you go to the bathroom makes the disease worse, so I did not want to be the cause for that. Now that I know he's cleared, I was all for trying it.... and it actually works!! He no longer cries or screams or turns red. It's amazing and I am so happy he is better. I'm actually starting The Poga Plan to lose these stubborn 10-15 lbs I have left to lose... but thats another post.=)
Second. Hank is doing well. He has a cold (I think) right now, but will get his vaccines as soon as he's well again. I want to brag on him a bit because I'm just amazed at how well he is doing at his new school. I am seriously shocked at how much he has learned and I must admit, it's not because of me working with him at home. He spells out everything now on whatever he sees. If I have something written on my shirt (such as the army shirt I was wearing earlier) he says "mom that is a-r-m-y" and askes me what that says. If you ask him "how do you spell cat/dog, etc." he will try to sound it out and spell it, all by himself!! I'm so proud of him. He spells his name and we are working on the last name, but he gets confused with the l and tt's and how many of each there are. ha. We will be driving home and he will point things out and tell me what they are, such as, pointing to a stop sign and saying "mom that stop sign is an octagon." Which, I have to look and count the sides because I'm thinking my mind it's a hexagon (see how smart I am? ha) He tells me that stop signs mean "stop, wait, and look" He tells me the people crossing sign is a pentagon and that means watch for people walking across the street. I didn't know this until I was driving (ok, not really, but you get my point!) I am just so happy he is doing so well in school, but even happier than he loves it so much!! It's truly the best decision I made to switch him to this school, even tho he had only been at his other school 4 months. I am very pleased with it and if anyone lives in San Antonio, I highly reccommend the school!!

Third thing. We are loving summer and we have big news (well to us!) Hank is no longer afraid of the water!!! YAY!!! Ok.... let me back up. A little over a year ago we were in Galveston (Hank was 3 1/2 and I was preggo with Jace) and Hank fell in the middle of the hot tub without floaties on. It scared him so bad (because he went under and didn't know what to do, even tho it was for no more than 2 seconds) since then he wouldn't get in any thing he couldn't touch the bottom. He would SCREAM if we tried to let go of him (with floaties on) in a big pool and just cry so hard, it seriously broke my heart everytime. Anyway... This past weekend we were in Arlington and on our way out of town sunday we went out to the Retreat in Cleburne and went swimming. After working with him in the baby pool/hot tub he realized he could put his head under water and hold his breath (he did this ON HIS OWN!) He also realized that his shark floatie made sure he didn't go under water. We could not get him to realize this.... but finally he did it and picked up his feet in the baby pool and floated and then it was to the big pool he went....

It was great to see him so proud of himself and for him to see how excited we all were for him. He won't stop talking about going to the pool this weekend and showing his "best bud Frankie" how he can swim like him!! =)

Jace on the other hand has no fear of water and would crawl right in if we would let him. Like I've said before, he is going to be our wild child/daredevil with no fear. He is such a mess but we wouldn't have it any other way!!

I believe in the miracle of prayer and know they are what helped my boys!! So thank you all for continuing to pray for them and our family. We love and appreciate each and every one of you.



Aimee' Lynn said...

I miss my boys!! So glad Jace is gonna be ok!! Love ya