What's in a name?

As most of you know, when we first found out we were having Hank, Shay insisted his name would be Hank and I told him no. Actually, I believe "hell no" were my exact words. We see who won that battle.....

Now, I look at him and think that there is no better name for that kid. No "normal" name would have ever fit him or his personality. It's funny to me that before he was born I never looked up the meaning behind Henry/Hank (which means RULER OF THE HOUSE and other variations). Of course, after the fact I read this and that's when it hit me. Shay was actually right (for once, haha kidding!) He picked the perfect name for him. It fit him like no other name ever could and well, he is without a doubt, the ruler of the Hulett House. =)

So again, when we picked (I should say, I picked) Jace's name, I didn't look up the meaning behind it either. I had seen the name in a baby book when I was pregnant with Hank, but never thought anything of it. We didn't pick Jace from a book. It's a combination of Shay's brothers names and both of his grandfathers name.... James (Garrett) and Pace (Dustin) -- J from James and ACE from Pace (in case you couldn't figure that out on your own.) His name means Healer in Greek and Moon in American. I'm not sure how "moon" fits him, but healer, I truly believe does. Jace is all smiles (99% of the time). He can make your worst day seem like the best just by looking at you with his big blue eyes and big ole smile.

Over at babyzone they have this baby name advisor tool you can use to find out what your childs full name means or will mean for their future. I found it quite interesting. I guess before I never really thought about what someones name can do for/or to them. After reading it and seeing how right some (a lot actually) of it was, I'm convinced my children have just the right names for the person they are (and will one day be). I do not believe a name makes a person, yet a person makes the name.... I know my boys give both of their names GREAT MEANINGS! =)

Henry Ryan Hulett

Henry Ryan Hulett is a name that reflects analytical powers and a quest for knowledge and information, a search for truth and wisdom. (hmm, i believe he gets these traits from his father?!?)The name Henry Ryan Hulett makes one feel like one is in the company of greatness and unconventional intelligence. Inventive. Emotion takes a back seat to mental prowess.

The name Henry Ryan Hulett inspires study and research, open-mindedness, daring new concepts, and a devotion to discovering the unknown.

But the name Henry Ryan Hulett also gives a sense of philosophy and religious search. Here too, the path to seeking the meaning of the Divine is unconventional.

Henry Ryan Hulett's most positive characteristics: Intelligence, depth, spirituality. Always in search of knowledge.

Henry Ryan Hulett's most negative characteristics: Arrogant, self-centered, eccentric, introvert. (I beg to differ here. Hank is not introverted at all -- the kid never meets a stranger!)

Jace Louis Hulett

The name Jace Louis Hulett reflects drive, a pioneering spirit, leadership, independence and originality. The energy behind this name is strong and forceful and promotes an unconventional, innovative, and decisive approach. Highly focused and self-reliant, the name Jace Louis Hulett carries with it an unmistakable "can do" attitude. It reflects confidence, energy, strength and perseverance. There is a definite sense of danger and risk-taking as well. (this is the truth -- we have our own little Evil Knievel in the house)

The name Jace Louis Hulett does not inspire patience (sooooooo true!!) and sensitivity, and does not promote cooperation or a diplomatic approach to problem solving. Think of this name as a masculine, aggressive, creative force.

Jace Louis Hulett's most positive characteristics: Strength, originality, courage, imagination, creativity, confidence. Good for competitive, high-risk ventures.

Jace Louis Hulett's most negative characteristics: Pride, intolerance, excessive aggressiveness (again, this is where the Evil Knievel comes into play). Not good for people-oriented ventures or healing, counseling and retail businesses.


And just for fun, I did Shay and I as well. =)

Charles Shaffer Hulett

Powerful, a conqueror, devours the weak and rules the strong. The name Charles Shaffer Hulett reflects money and power. It is a carnivore, a winner at all cost.

Charles Shaffer Hulett has the power and potential to achieve great things. Whatever the enterprise, it strives to be the best and most successful in its field. (it hit the nail right on the head here!) Extremely competitive and not afraid of challenges or challengers. A visionary, a realist, and a planner. Discipline and perseverance. Dynamic and efficient.

Rewards the faithful and hardworking employee, but has no tolerance for the incompetent. (oh anyone that knows Shay, knows this to be the truth!!!)

Charles Shaffer Hulett understands the balance between giving and taking, generosity and greed. When it loses that balance, it self-destructs.

Charles Shaffer Hulett's most positive characteristics: Strength, perseverance, potential for greatness.

Charles Shaffer Hulett's most negative characteristics: Financial ups and downs. Lacks compassion. Can be self-destructive. (All of these couldn't be farther from the truth and anyone that knows Shay would agree)

(I did my name with Conway, since it was my "given birth name" instead of using my married name)

Marissa Nicole Conway

The name Marissa Nicole Conway promotes optimism, inspiration, and enthusiasm. It feels cheerful, outgoing, and charming. This name represents self-expression and communication skills. Its upward energy is a sign of tremendous creativity and all artistic endeavors are empowered by its vibration. The name Marissa Nicole Conway attracts just about everyone. It carries great public relation and communication skills, and an innate ability to charm the most cynical folks.

However, it lacks focus and discipline, can be a "happy-go-lucky spendthrift", and can give the impression of flightiness and instability.

Marissa Nicole Conway's most positive characteristics: Upbeat, creative, capable communicator, inspiring, uplifting. Has sense of humor, draws creative and passionate people.

Marissa Nicole Conway's most negative characteristics: Scattered energy, difficulty in finishing projects, unreliable. (I personally do not agree here, anyone else beg to differ?)


Aimee' Lynn said...

LOL - Here's mine...
Aimee Lynn Frederick

Responsible, caring, loving, nurturing, healing and comforting, the name Aimee Lynn Frederick is warm and makes one feel loved and special. Harmonious and peaceful, the name Aimee Lynn Frederick feels good to anyone, but doesn't call up any particular feeling strongly. Aimee Lynn Frederick is neutral, suitable for those for whom stability and harmony are high priorities.

Good sense of business, but slow and not particularly adaptable. Strong sense of beauty, but not passionate. Idealistic, with a strong sense of justice.

The name Aimee Lynn Frederick makes one feel like a home away from home. It offers protection and love. It takes away anxiety and fears, and heals the broken-hearted. If you want others to feel like this is their home, this is their safe haven, then this is an excellent name.

The name Aimee Lynn Frederick attracts money slowly, predictably, the result of effort and common sense.

Aimee Lynn Frederick's most positive characteristics: Protective, harmonious, comfortable to all.

Aimee Lynn Frederick's most negative characteristics: Stick-in-the-mud. No passion. (lol, a stick in the mud, awesome)