Bling Bling... Look at my new RING! =) (updated)

Update: (new pics!)

Happy FIVE year anniversary to me!

This is my new right hand ring -- It's a very light green amethyst (a lot lighter in person than the picture...it almost looks like a diamond at times because it's so light) surrounded by diamonds. I LOVE it!!!

I'll post a better picture later today or tomorrow when I get it back (it's being sized).

I was SUPER SURPRISED when I got to go jewelry shopping and pick out what I wanted....hehe!! Every girls dream =) Isn't my husband the best??

I also got these...

(again, will post a better picture later)


Aimee' Lynn said...

so pretty!!

Erin said...

LOVE IT! i'm jealous

The Van Fam said...

BEAUTIFUL! Happy Anniversary

ashley said...

I'm so happy for yall and your amazing 5 years! Congrats on the ring too!