Me and You -- Five years today

It's here. Our anniversary is actually here. I remember last year thinking "wow, next year we'll be celebrating our FIVE year anniversary" and being so surprised to know it was that close and wondering how in the heck did that happen?!? Now I'm shocked it is finally that day.

Wow... five years. Of course to some it doesn't seem like much, but to me, it's a lifetime. A new lifetime. When I met Shay (over 6 years ago) it didn't take me long to know he was "the one." It took him a little longer to come around. ;) Either way, I knew one day I'd marry this man. Little did I know 14 months and 11 days after we started dating that day would come.

August 23, 2003. Never in a million years did I think I'd be married at 20 years old. Of course, growing up I always said I wanted to marry young and have babies young, but not 20. More like, well, now. Married at 25.... ha! I've got 5 on it!! (ok sorry, I had to do it.)

No matter what age I was, or how many years ago it was that I said "I do" I have never regretted it. Not one second. Not in the bad times, especially not the good times. I've never doubted, this where I'm supposed to be. Of course, I've questioned how did I get here? How did my life turn into this? (not in a bad way) but wondering where the time has gone? How did we get from point A to point B and where did all the time go inbetween. I feel like it has flown by so quickly, I almost forgot to remember.

Remember the little things. What he/I was wearing when he proposed. My actual wedding day and all the things I did to get ready. Sometimes I try so hard to remember something and when I can't it makes me feel like I've failed. Failed at keeping our "love story" alive. But then, out of no where I remember way back when and something else pops back into my mind.

Like our wedding night and we got to the hotel after the limo dropped us off and we checked in, exhausted and STARVING!! We went to our room and realized we didn't have a car. Room service was closed and there were no vending machines. We were so hungry, but I think we were too tired to care, and I had to pee so bad and couldnt get my petty coat untied fast enough, I said forget it and lifted that sucker up. Yeah that was a great photo opportunity. ;)

I remember going to the DMV and changing my last name on my drivers license. Yes, for those of you that know me, know that is something I dread. I not only hate going to get my license redone (because face it, who likes that?) but I have this overwhelming craziness about me that hates to talk to "strangers" or do something that I'm not 100% comfortable with. I hate for people to look or talk to me like I'm stupid. Pretty much my axiety is out of control. I start sweating when I have to order a pizza over the phone. (dead serious people!)

I remember when my first friend got married after I did and being so happy to finally have a friend "like me." (Thanks Steph! haha) Shay had a few friends get married after us and I was friends with their wives, but it was nice to finally have someone that I knew, that was young like me, get married and be a part of this new adventure with me. It was scary and exciting and sometimes, I felt so alone because no one else knew what it was like to be in my shoes. (ha, but they all know now -- or will soon, right Aims?!?!)

There are so many memories we have made in the last five years. So many memories I may not always be able to recall, some I may forget all together, but no matter what, they are ours. We made them. Together. As a couple. As a family and they are ours.

The past fives years have been beautiful, tough, messy, wonderful, exciting, challenging, comforting, scary, amazing, etc. But I would never take the good without the bad. I wouldn't trade one second of all we have created together for anything in world. I wouldn't give it back or rewind time. We have grown together. Changed together. Made a life together. We have created our world. Our family. Our memories.

These are the days. These are the moments. Right now. Right here. This is what life is about. The everyday things we do to show each other how much we love and appreciate one another. The things no one else would notice. He brings home pizza when I'm about to pull out my hair just to make my night a little easier. I vaccuum just about everyday so his allergies (from the dog) don't kill him the second he walks in the door. He gets the boys breakfast in the mornings so I can stay in bed an extra 5 minutes. I make his lunch so he won't starve all day (cuz he would skip lunch all together otherwise!). It's the little things that mean the most. At least to me it is.

He can tell me he loves me all day long. I know he means it and I love to hear it, but when he takes the boys outside and tells me take a nap or makes sure the trash is out so I don't have to do it.... those things matter to me. Maybe that's what matters most the longer you're married. You no longer get excited about getting flowers or a night out to some fancy restaurant, you get excited to get a peaceful shower and 15 minutes to put your makeup on without a kid asking for something. You enjoy those moments together that you rarely get, a little bit more because sadly, they are few and far between.

All I really know is I still feel as blessed and happy as I did the day I married Shay. I feel like the "luckiest" girl in the world to have HIM as my husband. I wonder what in the world I did to deserve a man like him, but even if I think I don't deserve it, I take it and shut my mouth!! ha. I wouldn't want him to start thinking twice (lol!)

To five years. To five years more. To a love so true and a family so wonderful. To my husband. My best friend. My rock. My soulmate. My love. To you shay.... I love you yesterday, today and tomorrow and I will love you all the years of our lives. Thank you for the past five years together and thank you for the years yet to come. "These are the days we will remember...for the rest of your lives..."

I pray you will always know my love for you is bigger than anything that tries to break it. We have been thru it all and in the end, we always find our way back to where we belong.... in each others arms in love so deep there is no way out. I love you husband... MORE!


ErinLynn said...
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ErinLynn said...

Happy Anniversary guys! you are such a beautiful couple and you're kids are amazing. i hope you have another 50 years of happy marraige together!! love you rissa

Aimee' Lynn said...

Yay! 5 years!! Only feels like 50 huh? ;) just kiddin! your new rings is beautiful..you better post a pic of it! happy anniversary bestest!

Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you had a wonderful day!