And so I return.... and leave

Ok so once again, I have failed you all. I've been the worst blogger lately and I can give you my reasons (or excuses as you probably consider them) but either way, I'm very sorry for leaving you guys hanging like that...

So...backing up. Hank's party was a success, even if the wind was blowing so hard I thought I was going to blow away trying to carry the balloons to the table (yes, we still had balloons... I tried to leave them at home on "accident" but I was reminded as we were about to pull out of the drive way by none other than the birthday boy). Hank had a blast and since that day, I hear at least once a day what he wants to do for his 6th birthday (which I'll have you know, is in.... 10 days according to him) and all the toys he wants to add to his christmas list and whatever he doesn't get from Santa, he wants for his birthday.... in 10 days.... when he turns 6.

WHOA BOY... SLOW DOWN!! I'm still digesting this whole "I have a FIVE year old" thing. I had to tell someone the other day when they asked how old my boys were "he is four.... no, wait, five...." and i just paused, as the lady looked at me like I was a complete moron, which is actually not so un-common....ha. I'm not sure if I'm more upset at the fact that Hank is ACTUALLY five and the time is going by so fast, or if I'm just not liking that it means I'm getting older or that I'm ACTUALLY old enough to have a five year old... I think the latter part wins. =)

So, moving on....

Since then.... we have been going non-stop for the past 2 weeks, but thankfully tomorrow... it will all be worth it!!

We are going to COLORADO... for 8 days! yes.... you read that right folks... WE (including my husband.... I know, I can't believe it either) are going on VACATION!!! WOO HOO!!! I never thought I'd love the snow/cold weather so much in my life, but right now, I can't wait to freeze my @$$ off! I need a BREAK!!!

The boys are going too, so don't think we are getting off EASY or anything, but we aren't going alone. Shay's parents are going to be there, along with his brother Dustin and his wife Dede.... and I'm SO excited to spend the week with my SIL! She is one of my best friends, so we are gonna have a total blast together.... I need some major girl time.... Can you tell I'm ready to go?? You wouldn't believe it if you saw my suitcases.... EMPTY! Yes, I know.... I am slowly becoming the "last minute" kind of person my husband has always been.... and it's driving me even MORE crazy than when he does it. UGH!! How/Why did I allow myself to do this?

Probably because Jace is/has been sick and I'm so worn out I can't even think straight. All I know is I'm praying for an easy flight tomorrow EARLY morning (might I add... that's 6:25 AM I'm referring to) and beautiful weather with plenty of snow to ski and sled in!! Lord knows we need this and God willing He will give it to us. =)

So.... I must now get busy with the packing and once again leave you all hanging for a week (or so). If I get a chance and have internet access I'll do my best to post something, if nothing else, at least pictures. Please be praying for us and for a safe and easy flight(s) tomorrow and saturday the 31st when we return.

Hope you all have a wonderful week (at work) while we are relaxing with our hot chocolate, fire and amazing views. I'll be thinking of you all (or not) while we're away.... wishing you were with me (not really) haha! =)


Aimee' said...

you know you're wishing your bestest could be there with you!!