There is so much to do around here, yet I still can't figure out where I want to start. I have so many ideas, so many new things I want to do and tell you all about that it going on, but for once in my life, I am going to keep a secret!! Which to those of you that know me, know that's something I am so totally NOT good at. ha! I know in the end it will be well worth it, but dang it -it's tough.

So, anyway, moving on. To those of you with kiddos of your own, can you please tell me that your kids ask 8 million questions a minute and if they don't get the answer they want, they ask the question again, rewording it? Please Please Please... tell me I'm not alone!! Dear Lord, I swear sometimes I think my head is going to explode. I love Hank.... seriously, I love that kid more than anything and I can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that he is so darn curious and wants to know anything and everything, compared to some kids who could care less about anything going on around them.... but mama needs a break! Sheesh!!!

He can talk non-stop for hours. Really!!! Actually, it's more like he talks from sun up to sun down and somehow he NEVER runs out of energy. Of course I get the "he's just all boy" all the time from people, but REALLY?!? where does this come from? If you didn't make him go to sleep, he probably wouldn't and he's still be running at 150% the next day. There is no SLOW SPEED for him (well, except for EATING and don't even get me started on that!!).... he is FULL SPEED AHEAD ALL THE TIME!!! It NEVER ends.

Now, I'll say it again.... I love that kid.... but he wears me out. Physically and mentally. I try and I'm praying and working really hard at my patience.... which I actually have quite a bit of, but there comes a time that even the most patient person in the world probably would tell the kid to SHUT UP...ok, well not exactly like that, (and no I don't tell my son to shut up altho there are days I think that might slip out) but they would tape his mouth shut.
So again, I'm asking you guys.... please tell me I'm not alone! Is there anyone else out there that can feel my pain on this and can you please tell me if there is ever an end? lol. He is so damn smart it scares me sometimes. He never forgets a thing (which again I'm told is a "kid thing") but it's really strange to me that he can remember things from when he was 1.5. I can't remember my childhood at all really (which is something I need to seriously take up with my mother I think lol), at least not the younger ages... so how is it that he can tell me exactly what he did and saw in Colorado the FIRST time we went? (mind you he had JUST turned 2 and was barely talking at this point because of his ear issues prior to that) The kid amazes me.

Hank is so special to me. It blows my mind that even friends of mine or teachers or people in the store we don't even know tell me he is the cutest thing they have ever seen, and all those people have kids of their own! Granted a lot of people might say it just because it's the "nice" thing to say, but there are people that tell me and say they are dead serious. lol. I also get told all the time I should get him in acting/commercials/modeling. I'm seriously thinking about it.... that's one way to pay for our retirement huh? KIDDING!

Really tho... he is a ham. He cracks me up. He, like most kids I'm sure, says the funniest things. I know he's five and all, but there are words he says that I never want him to say correctly. I do correct him sometimes on certain things, but I can't help but smile to hear him say somethings because they are so darn cute.

Today I told him we were going to Whataburger to get daddy lunch and he then asked "What is waterburger?" For me to respond "Not waterburger, whataburger baby." He then said "oh, i know, it's a burger with water in it. ok... i get it now!" I just shook my head, smiled and replied "well that makes perfect sense!"

Sometimes I think it's better for a child to think he knows it all. Let him think he figured it out all on his own. Pray he realizes in time (with age) that it's not correct, but again, allow him to learn his own lessons....

Or maybe I just allow him to think what he wants so I can end that series of questions, because had I dare said "no hank, it's what a burger, not waterburger and no it's not a burger with water in it" his response would have gone something like this (said in the voice of an auctioneer you see on tv who talks so fast you can only make out the first and last word)

"no mom, it's waterburger. it's a burger with water in it. because burgers taste like water. and cheese taste like milk. because milk makes cheese and water makes burgers. so it's waterburger, not whaterburger. no mom. it's not. nu-uh. when you bite it theres water inside. but whats the bread? why is it white? it's not all white? why? how come jace got the toy? i want the ball. wheres mine? i want chocate (yes said that like) milk. i dont like milk. why no chocate milk? oh beacuse they ran out. i forgot. that's ok. i like white milk. only sometimes tho. when they don't have chocolate milk for me?" and it goes on and on.... without me getting in one word... no wonder Jace yells at the top of his lungs a lot... he is trying to be heard.... hmm....

maybe i should look into tho talking/questioning thing a little bit more??? What do you think?
I mean but really, how could you do nothing but love this face? Seriously? Getting in trouble in our house is rare, because I can barely keep a straight face when trying to punish this kid.... I'm in so much trouble.....


Aimee' said...

Don't feel bad...A talks NONSTOP...and she doesn't sleep...even when we put her to bed. I bet you she's up half the night...I hear her at all hours getting out of bed to go to the restroom or check to see if C is awake!! Drives me nuts...but that's her!! Her and Hank would probably talk each others heads off lol...hopefully we'll be going to Seaworld this summer so yall can join us again! Fun, huh? LOL

amber said...

Just wanted to let you know that I am around kids all day long just like that, constant questions...I also, as you know, have one of my own and it amazes me that anytime you send me a pic of sweet hank or his name comes up in conversation...all I do is talk about he is the CUTEST, FUNNIEST little boy I have EVER met. Seriously, that kid is something special! I don't know what it is but he can light up anyone's day! Even when I just tell a story about something he said or did to a perfect stranger...EVEN THEY LOVE HIM! You are so lucky. However, I totally understand how his constant questioning could drive you INSANE! I have kiddos that do that to me all day and I swear sometimes I wonder if I would be fired for hiding in the closet! Hang in there girl! You make me sooo proud!!! I really enjoy your blog!