"my mind is laughin' at me"

Where do kids come up with these things??

Here is my conversation with Hank on the way to school yesterday:

H: "Mommy, what's today at school?"

Me: "Gymnastics. You aren't in gymnastics tho."

H: "Why?"

Me: "Because you take Karate"

H: "But I want to do gymnastics."

Me: "Well H, gymnastics and karate cost money. Mommy and Daddy aren't made of money unfortunately, so you can't always do everything. So which would you rather? Gymnastics or Karate?"

H: "Um... (laughing) My mind is laughing at me!"

Me: "Excuse me? What did you say? (trying not to crack up)"

H: "My head left it's thinkin at home. I think it's under the car."

Me: "Oh really? It did now... (really trying not to laugh coffee out of my nose)"

H: "Yeah, I can't think if I want Karate or Gymnastics because my head left my thinkin at home under the car. Don't forget to get it when you get home, ok mom?"

Me: "Ok, sure thing dude."

(Drop him off at school)

Later that afternoon...

(Pick him up from school)

Me: "Hey dude, how was your day?"

H: "Good. I got my thinkin back. It was at school."


Aimee' said...

hahaha that's so cute. kids crack me up. i remember the first time the girls were tring to explain a dream. they didnt understand the concept haha