When things don't always make sense...

There are things that happen to us and people we know and love everyday that don't always make sense. Things we can't comprehend and things we question why God would do such a thing. Today is one of those days.

A very dear friend of mines sister lost her baby in utero today. She should have been 10 weeks and found out the baby stopped growing at 7 weeks. This isn't the first person I've known this to happen to within the last few months, which I think makes it even harder to handle. I'm devastated. I'm heartbroken. I'm speechless when it comes to comforting words to the mom and my best friend. I wish I had just the right thing to say to take the hurt away. I wish I could make the sting a little less painful. Obviously, I do not have that power, but the good Lord does.

So I'm here, asking you to pray with me. Pray He will help heal their hearts and help them all to make sense of this terrible loss they are now having to process. Please ask Him to help give them the strength they need to pull thru this and find a comforting peace to accept His will for them and their lives.

Before becoming a mother myself I always thought miscarriages happened to "older" women. (shows how naive I was) It seems in the past 5 years that I have been a mom, I've met more women my age that have sadly experienced this, even more than once. Why is this? Why is it that women, the only person that can bare children, are also the ones that have to deal with the feeling of losing the child? By no means am I saying the father is no affected, I'm just saying as women we (most of us) feel it is our job/duty to carry the child because (obviously) the man can't. So why is it that we too have to carry the heavy burden of not being able to carry a child at the same time. Does this mean we are, as we always say, the stronger sex? Does this mean God made us more capable of handling this because He felt we would be able to make something good of something bad?

At times, I feel like as a mom I am the one that has to handle the majority of the "hard stuff." Maybe it's because I am more hormonal or emotional. Maybe it's just being more sensitive. Regardless of the reason, I think I can process the difficult times better and pull thru stronger in the end because I like to take hold of "sticky" situations and deal with them head on. I want to get it over with and move past it, rather than dance around it and wait for it to fix itself. I do not want to downplay how strong of a man my husband is or how amazingly brave he is when it comes to handling the tough stuff. He is wonderful and amazes me with the strength and courage he has everyday to deal with so many things I'd never dare attempt.

But truth be told, when it comes to children, moms just know. We know what they want when they cry. We can tell you exactly what they are saying when all they can speak is giberish. We just "know." Some call is mothers instinct. I call it understanding. I call it strength. I call it mothers love.... because there is nothing like it.

So for today, and tomorrow and all the yesterdays that women out there have lost a child....in whatever way they were lost, know for all of us that have never experienced that unimaginable loss, we still understand. We still feel your pain. We still ache and hurt for your loss. We, as mothers, all relate. We all, in some way, know what you are going thru.

No words can give you the peace you need or the comfort you desire. No amount of love can make it less painful... but prayers can reach something bigger the all of us. He is listening and He can and will give you the peace and comfort your heart needs to heal. He will make the hurt and pain subside, slowly, but surely. He will guide you in the direction He feels you should go. He might not answer your questions with what you want to hear, but if you listen closely, you will get the answer you need. Have faith. Be strong. Pray hard. Never forget that He is with you and with Him, all things are possible.

You are loved Baby Crites.
Please pray for mom, dad and brother of baby and allow them to find the peace and understanding to get through this. We love you guys.


Aimee' said...

Thanks bestest! This a really hard situation but it's nothing we can't get through with love and support from our family and good friends, like you! Wait until you hear what little Nathan had to say about his baby brother/sister going to Heaven....