Go ahead, look and be jealous! =)

Yes, my dear readers, I bought ALL of this (and 3 things not pictured) for just dollars over $100!!!

Let me clarify what is exactly in this picture so you can be even more amazed:

(8) packs of huggies diapers

(4) packs of huggies 132 count wipes

(4) arm and hammer 32 load laundry detergent

(7) irish spring body wash

(24) bars of dove soap

(3) garnier fructis hair care items

(1) glade sense and spray

(1) glade lasting impressions fan

(2) 30 count zyrtec

(5) tubes of colgate toothpaste

(4) tubes of crest toothpaste

(2) gillette fusion razors

(4) 30 count packs of sambucol cold and flu medicine

(1) 100 count bottle of vitamin D

(1) vaseline lotion

(1) right guard xtreme

(1) dry idea

(1) oreo milk flavored straws

**items not pictured**

(1) palmolive dish soap

(1) 6 pack of bottled water

(1) small bag of candy lollipops

AND STILL HAVE $10 RR to spend! Now that my friends, is one heck of a deal!

Yes, I'm dead serious!!! If you added up the cost of these items right now, without tax it would total around $380.... so folks, I felt I had the right to brag just a little and show off what a bargain shopper I am....

For any of you that are interested in how to do this on your own, please leave a comment and send your friends on over to check it out too so I can share all my secrets with you!!!! If there are enough of you that are interested, I will start weekly *DEALS AND STEALS* posts to get you all started and do the "hard" work for you all so you too can start saving your hard earned money and learn to get things for FREE just like me. =)

Buh-Bye for now, and don't forget to leave a comment and send your friends by to check out my goods!!


The Silva's said...

That is awsome!!! I will post later on my blog and link back to yours for others to see.

Aimee' said...

yay!! I'll go ahead and tell your readers that I spent a total of $25.72 and saved $85.21. I don't have a need for diapers or else I'm sure I would have saved more!

The Bryan Family said...

How did you save that much money? I need to learn to save more, especially if I can buy that many diapers