Invasion of privacy

I will post later this afternoon about this weeks **DEALS AND STEALS** but I had to share my o-so-smart-sons thought for today....

He came into my room a minute ago asking if a shirt e picked out was ok to wear and I explained to him that it as too hot to wear long sleeves today (surprisingly... cosidering 2 days ago it was 30+ outside). He then replied with:

H -"Yeah, it was cold 2 days ago and now it will be hot for 2 days and then cold for 2 days and then maybe hot for 3 days. What do you think mom?"

Me- "Hopefully it will be hot for the next 5 days baby.... or better yet, maybe it will just stay hot for good"

H- "Mom did you know, hot and cold make thunder?"

Me- "Oh really? How do you know this?"

H- "Yeah, when hot and cold (animating with his hands and clapping them together) get together, it makes thunder. I don't like thunder. It scares me."

Me- "Oh thunder isn't scary, just loud. You are thinking lightning is scary"

H- "Yeah, cuz when it comes down and shocks you, you do this (and again animates spazzing out) and it shows your bones. I don't want anyone to see my bones. I like my privacy."

There you have it people... from the wise mouth of my child, don't get struck by lightning or it will show your bones and invade your privacy, and well, none of us want that now do we?

Seriously?!? Where do they come up with this stuff?


The Silva's said...

Too cute!!!

Kim ~ "Mama G" said...

Hank sounds so dang cute. Kids are so funny! JD is constantly saying things that make me want to roll on the floor laughing. The thing so funny is they are so serious about it when they say it! Hope you guys are doing well!!!