Never stop praying

I know I often ask you guys (all 2 of you) to pray for me or my family. I can't tell you how much it means to me to know that there are people that love me enough to pray for MY family, possibly people you guys might not know.... but you still do it. You still pray because you care about me, but mostly because you know that if I'm here asking for prayers, it means something. I'm not one who asks for much, but at times like these, I know this is much more than I can handle alone, so I'm here asking for your prayers, again.

This time, it's not for me. It's not for my family. (although please keep my grandma in your prayers with her treatments because she is not doing too well, but that's another post) This time I'm asking, no, begging you to pray for Stellan and this precious one. Both of these babies need your prayers. They need to be in your thoughts. They need to be consumed with so much love that it gives them both the strength to keep fighting. Their families need our prayers just as much.

Stellan touched the lives of so many people before he even entered this world. So many months ago I came across MckMama's blog and as the days passed by I felt as though I knew her. I feel today as though she is as real as someone I really know in real life. She has opened her life and her heart to thousands and sharing her story has truly changed my life in ways I can't even begin to explain. The least I can do to thank her, her family and that amazing little "MckMiracle" of hers is to share their story and ask that you all pray. Never stop praying!

This little one needs our prayers just as much. Over a year ago I asked for you guys to pray for her brother, Coy. He was a micro premie born at just 23 weeks with hardly any chance at survival, but he beat the odds and now is a growing, healthy, beautiful ONE year old!!!! His momma, Ann Marie, and I (and her younger sister, Stephanie) grew up together most of our lives (thru dance and then school), and although we were never really close she has always been someone important in my life. I used to "look up" to her when we danced together and think to myself that someday I wanna be like her.... and now I look at her and think, wow, what an amazing, strong, Godly woman she has become and I still hope to be like her someday. Her strength and trust in the Lord through all she has endured is something to be admired. I'm not sure I could do what she did. I'm not sure I could do what she is doing now. The fear inside me would surely overpower everything else, but not her. Her faith and relationship with God is stronger than anything that can happen to her, and this right here shows that without a doubt. I also grew up with her husband Chris. I think our families have known each other for more years than I have been alive and again, even tho he and I were never really close growing up, when you have people like him and his family in your life for as long as I have, you just have this connection and this feeling that I've got to do my part in helping him and Ann Marie and their little babies. I know if the situation were reversed, they'd be doing the same and I can only hope if any of you reading were ever in a situation like theirs, that you know they'd be right there praying with me, for you.

So here I am, once again, asking you guys to pray. To pray for healing. For strength. For courage and wisdom. Pray for understanding and peace and comfort. Please pray God will hold both of these families close and their little ones even tighter in these next few hours, days, weeks or months. For however long it takes for them to be healed and healthy. As we all know, God has His plan. We can pray and beg and plead for what we want to happen, but His answer will be what He knows is right. He had a plan in place for these little angels long before they ever exsisted. He is not surprised by what is going on. He is not worried. He is not scared of the unknown. He is at peace with his decisions, but He is listening..... so please.... never stop praying, because He hears you!