If you call "this" a laundry room...

Ok.... so over at Kelly's Korner, every friday she hosts "show us where you live friday" and it's a way to show a different room in your house. I've followed and enjoy seeing how other people decorate their homes because it gives me ideas and inspiration, but this week I decided it was time to join in. I had no plans on linking to her site to show the world her readers different rooms in my house, because well, they aren't anything special because we have YET to paint or do all the things we have said we wanted to do 2 years ago when we moved in....but I thought maybe this week I'd give it a shot only because I worked pretty darn hard at getting this mess cleaned up!
One of the biggest things I DIDN'T like about this house when we were looking was that I hated the laundry room and pantry being ONE. I also didn't like that the bedrooms were upstairs and the laundry room was down. Please explain how that makes ANY sense??? Although I do have to say it's a good work out having to go up and down with heavy loads of laundry everyday.... so I guess that's the only upside to it's location.
Anyway, I've struggled for the last (almost) 2 years we've lived here how to manage keeping the laundry and food "away" from each other. Until now, I haven't been able to get it together, but now, I've slowly but surely got it figured out!! *i hope anyway* It's nothing fancy and no where near as nice as most of the other laundry rooms I've seen so far, but hey, it serves it's purpose so I can't complain! =-)

So without further ado..... I will show you my before pictures of my laundry room/pantry as of yesterday at noon (be prepared to laugh/gasp):

*standing in the kitchen as you enter the pantry/laundry room*

*as you walk in a little more, looking to the left*

*standing by the door that leads to the garage*

*and the lovely pantry side -- top*


Ok now that I have completely embarrassed myself by showing you all what I allowed this to come to, I will gladly show you what I spent many hours doing yesterday:
*same order*

*A&M cup is for spare change, the bucket on the shelf holds all the koozies we have, the black boxes are hair clippers for my hubby to cut the boys hair with*

*all my SUPER cheap or even better, FREE, laundry detergent, ha!*

*the pantry side -- might not look too much better, but in person it's a million times more organized and functional! -- top*


*bottom - and yes, i totally scored 8 more packages of $.59 and $.69 juice boxes the other day that i talk about here*

Ok, well there ya have it! I felt pretty accomplished yesterday..... now let's see if I can tackle that "so called garage" of ours today! I might be getting in over my head.... maybe I should rethink that idea....hmmm?!?


Nancy said...

ooh, don't you just love it when it's all organized and cleaned?! such a sense of pride! looks great!!