Not MY Child

Ok - so over at MckMama's, she has decided to change up her usual "Not Me Monday" to "Not My Child" which of course I must take part in, because... it's abnormal for my children to act up! =)

And well, I felt after the past week(s) we recently had, there is just too much to not just laugh about .... For instance:

Jace NEVER tried to eat crushed granite! He would NEVER do something like that, and then when questioned what was in his mouth, he totally did NOT try to hide it by sitting on it. Not MY child!

Jace's new thing when he gets angry is NOT to scream NO so loud while clentching his fists while steam blows out his ears because he's a complete angel all the time and he would never be mean. Nope, not MY child.

Just like Hank would NEVER intentionally make Jace so mad just to see/hear him scream like mentioned above. Nah, not the sweetest big brother ever -- not MY child.

Jace so did NOT throw a cucumber covered in ranch at me last night after crawling on the kitchen table when he decided he was finished with dinner, because well, that would make me a bad mom for laughing instead of punishing him and well, I'm SUPER MOM and my kids are always well behaved little men! My child would NEVER do something like that.

And I promise Jace did not take the steak bone from dinner last night and start chewing on it like the dog was doing to the other because that would be just gross.... and weird! Ha, that would be pretty darn funny if he did do that tho, don't ya think? But it wasn't MY child. Nope!!

The hardest part about participating in Not MY Child is where to stop!?! Seriously, I could go on and on and on because my kids are always perfect up to something!

What did your kiddos NOT do this week?? C'Mon... it's theraputic, so hop on over to MckMama's page and join in on the fun! =)


Sandy Hop said...

Oh! You and I would soooo get along so well! I have two boys too. Not what I envisioned for my life growing up, but I'm rolling with it! Now I'm loving it. Love your post. Love the blog. Think I'll follow. :)

Foursons said...

My child did not spill his whole cup of juice and then look me in the eye and tell me he did not do it. No way do I have a little boy who lies!