So many blessings!

Hey -- I'm very proud and excited to announce that I'm going to be an AUNT AGAIN!!! My brother and sister in law are expecting their second! I'm hoping for a boy so we can keep the Conway name going and Lord knows my brother needs a boy. hehe. =) They just couldn't stand it that we had "one up" on them (lol) so they decided it was finally time to jump on the baby bangwagon!! I couldn't be happier for them. My niece, little smarty pants, told them "took you long enough" when they told her she was going to have a baby brother or sister. She wants a sister.... wait, no a brother.... no, sister. She can't make up her mind. ha. All she knows is there is a baby in her mommys tummy and she is super excited to be a big sister.... 9 months to go!!!

Some other news, Jace, 7 1/2 months old now, got his FIRST TOOTH!! yay!! His bottom left tooth finally broke thru on saturday and the right will soon follow. I must say he's been pretty good considering. Not sure if his runny nose is from teething or slight cold, but either way, he's been easy with this tooth business. A lot easier than I remember Hank being. He's not sleeping thru the night yet, but I'm crossing my fingers that will change soon. It's slowly but surely getting better, so I can't complain. Heck, I don't know what a full nights sleep is like anymore anyway considering my 4 year still doesn't sleep thru the night some nights, such as last night! ha. Jace is also trying very hard to crawl. At first, on Jan 7 he pulled up to his knees and started rocking back and forth. Then he was scooting/crawling backwards and now he's almost got it. It won't be long and I'll be chasing him around non-stop. I'm not so sure if I'm ready for that... ha!

Hank started a new school Jan 9 and he is loving it. He goes 3 days a week, mon-wed-fri and loves every second of it. He's learning how to use a computer and play games and paint on it. He's learning sign language and spanish and is just getting smarter everyday. I'm getting a little worried for when he comes home from school asking me to help him with his homework. I'm not sure I'll remember anything! haha. He's still our little entertainer and so loved by everyone as his new school. His teachers are always telling us how wonderful he is and how polite and respectful he is. He has a new best friend at his school that he refers to as his "bud" or "pal." It's too cute. Then he tells his dad that he is his best bud too! So sweet!!

On another note, Shay's grandma is doing well. She's slowly but surely getting better and better everyday. There is still a long road ahead, but God willing she will pull thru eventually. Thank you all for your continued prayers. They are heard!! And Aimee's dad had his first treatment for his cancer and is tolerating it well. It's amazing what prayers can do for people!!

Baby Coy is also doing well. He is growing more and more everyday, now weighing 2lbs 6 oz!! He is such a fighter, it's unbelievable the things he has overcome. He is no longer on the vent and has gone to CPAP. You can still read a daily update at http://www.prayforcoy.blogspot.com/. Go and check it out. It will truly give your life a new meaning. Suddenly, your problems won't seem so impossible to get thru. After all he's done, you will realize you can do anything!! His parents are so strong and amazing, I don't know how they do it sometimes. God truly is holding them in His hands. Thank you again for praying for Baby Coy, Chris and Ann Marie. Keep 'em coming!!

Well that's all for now. So many blessings in my life to be thankful for...and Lord knows I am!! Love you all... until next time.... Keep praying, keep believing and keep hangin in there!


Aimee' Lynn said...

Tell Sarah and Cameron I said CONGRATS! yay! I'm glad you finally updated everyone on my "nephews!" haha even though I already knew all of that I like to hear it again! Miss you!

The Kaufmann Krew said...

My children dont sleep through the night either!! Im glad to know Im not the only one...haha! You inspire me to update my blog....i might try that today..hehe..

Querida said...

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