New things everyday...

Sorry guys! I promise to work on posting more often... especially when important things happen.... such as Jace CRAWLING! =) ha, yeah I know, to most, not a big deal, but to me, it's HUGE!! My "baby" isn't so much of a baby anymore. There's no going back now.... He's growing up (wayyyyyy to fast I might add!)

So yeah, it happened on Jan 30. Well that was his first "actual" day of really moving. He had been trying to crawl since beginning of Jan when he first started rocking on his knees. Then it went to a backwards crawl and then to a going thru the motions but getting no where crawl. It was so funny. He would pick up his hands and try to move his knees, yet they seemed to land in the same place everytime. I thought it was cute, he wasn't so happy. Then one night, after bath time, he wanted my phone and he went for it and hasn't stopped ever since. I actually caught it on video, so I was happy about that. =)

So yeah, things are changing around here. Guess it's time for baby gates and lowering the crib mattress. I'm not sure I'm ready for another mobile child. One is more than enough to get under my feet and trip me 99 times in an hour. Two, I might just break my leg or back or something! Truth is, I'm just not ready for my other baby to not be a baby anymore. I'm not sure if I'm happy or sad about all these changes going on. Of course, it's so fun to watch them grow and experience new things. I love watching Hank and Jace play together and see how much they adore each other. Hank loves to make Jace laugh and for some reason the crazier his brother acts, the harder and louder Jace cackles! I have a feeling I'll have many interesting stories for you all in the (near) future!

Til next time, here are some pics of my two hams! I'm also attaching one that you can (kind of) see Jace's new tooth!