Don't stop praying!!!

Hey guys. I'm here to ask again for prayers. My best friend Aimee's mom suffered a mild stroke and while doing an MRI and catscan they found a huge anyurism on her brain. Funny how God works sometimes. Had she not had the stroke, they might have never found the anyurism. So does that mean she/they should be thankful for her stroke? Who ever wants to be thankful for something terrible happening in their life? But at the same time, that stroke could be what saves her life. The brain surgeon wants to wait 6 weeks before doing surgery to remove the anyurism to give her brain time to heal. The anyurism is on the same side of the brain that she has had 2 strokes on now, so he feels there is only a 3% chance of it rupturing, so waiting is her best option at this point. Please ask God to help heal her brain quickly and pray that when she has surgery all goes well and she recovers quickly from that as well. Ask Him to give Aimee', her sister Sherie' and her brother Scott the courage and strength they need to help their mom face this and for them to face it as well. They are also trying to cope and deal with their dad going thru treatment for bladder cancer, so right now they have a lot on their plate. God hold them in your hands and give them some kind of comfort and peace in this tragic time. Please help strengthen their parents so they are both able to beat these odds against them. Please aslo ask that God gives them the wisdom they need to make the right decision to move their mom to the medical center in Houston for surgery and recovery. Pray for the dr's that are treating her mom and dad to do everything in their power to heal them both and for steady hands and clear minds when treating them. Thank you all for your continued prayers for them and their families. Every prayer helps!!!