You got "Sanked"

So since Hank was able to talk, he has always said some words and letter sounds wrong, as do most kids in the beginning, but it's always been too cute to want to correct him. Well, now as he's getting older, I figured it was time to try to get him to say them them right way, even tho everyone else keeps telling me he'll out grow it and just leave it alone b/c it's cuter the way he says it.... "sank you" being one of them. ha. He is pretty good about his manners... please, yes mam, no sir all that good stuff, but he is best with saying "thank you" or "sank you" I should say. That was his first polite thing he learned and it's always cracked me up because he says it with the best of intentions and it just comes out so adorable. Shay and I always say "you got sanked" when he thanks us for whatever it is. This morning was a little different. For the first time, after many many tries of correcting him, he said "TTTTTT-hank you!! (with his tounge between his teeth and dragging out the ttttthhh sound)" It was hilarious and we were so proud!!! He was so excited that we were so happy he said it over and over. He told me the whole way to school that when Ms. Alyssa or Mr. George (his teachers) told him hi he would say "ttttthank you." Or when they said they liked his new transformer (holding out his arms like a super hero and a scrunched brow saying "transformer" in his best "deep, robot voice") he would tell them "ttttthank you." So we have officially gone from "sank you" to "ttttthank you." A big step in our little guys world... and it's defienently an improvment, even tho now I'm gonna miss getting "sanked" by my "all grown up" baby everyday.


Aimee' Lynn said...

aww it is so cute when they say things the wrong way! haha autumn calls a hamburger a 'hangerburger' and they both call ranch dressing 'granch.' hahaha ive been trying to correct them seeing as they are in school now haha