So for years now, I've been trying to convince Shay to get Hank (now Jace too) a swingset. He always wanted to, but we just couldn't find one we liked and up until now, we were always renting a house, so the thought of moving it year after year seemed like way to much trouble..... but finally... IT'S HERE!!!

As you can tell, I'm pretty darn excited. ha. I actually believe I was/am more excited than Hank. I finally have a "babysitter" in some ways. I'm no longer the one thing that can entertain him 24/7. Even better, when the neighbors come to play, I can say "outside!" and they have something to do!!! YAY for me! ha. We are just thrilled about it and Hank couldn't be more excited. His eyes lit up when he saw it coming down the street on the trailer (we purchased it fully assembled, so Shay and our neighbor took parts off to move it). As soon as they pulled up, of course Hank asked his oh-so famous question.... "IT THAT FOR MEEEEEEE?" with his eyes wide open in shock. It was great, and of course, I didn't have the camera on me. ha.

Anyway, point is, we finally have the one thing we have looked for for YEARS. I'm serious.... we have looked since Hank was 2.... and we finally found one we agree on and it's actually here. Nothing beat saturday night. ha. All the neighborhood kids were here to join in on the fun and the moms were praising me cuz I'm now the house every kid wants to be at. I haven't quite figured out if thats a good thing or not?!? ha... Either way, I'd wait another 2 years to see the look on Hanks face saturday night and again sunday morning. Of course, when he woke up, he looked outside to make sure it was still there.... that's priceless!


The Van Fam said...

I hear you!! We got an amzing one with the house. That was one of the main deal makers for me!! For the last 3 years JD hasn't been able to go outside without us becuase of the pool. Now, he can open the door and go crazy without us! Yea!! This will be really awesome when it's 100 degrees outside and I can't bear the heat! LOL!! They are dang expensive and I know Jimmy would have never spent the money that this one costs so we lucked out for sure!! I hope Hank has a ton of fun and know a million memories will be made on it!

Aimee' Lynn said...

Yay!! Tell Shay I said its about time! hahah