It's been 9 months...

I can't believe it. Jace is 9 months old!!! Seriously, where did the time go? I really can't believe how much things have changed and how incredibly fast the last few months have flown by. It's been an amazing roller coaster ride, to say the least.

Jace went for his 9 month check up today and he is 19lbs 3 oz and 28 inches long! WOW! Surprisingly he is only in the 25th percentile. That's hard to believe when you look at (and hold) him! It's so funny because looking back, Hank was only 16lbs at 10 months and 26 1/4 inches. Ha.... He (hank) wasn't 19 lbs until 15 months! lol. Poor guy. He might end up being the little brother instead....ha! Either way, Jace is doing great. He's healthy and happy and that's all we could wish for. Hank loves his baby brother more than anything and Jace is just so excited to be around Hank. We are truly blessed!

Jace is crawling like a little spider all over the place and still pulling up on everything. He is clapping and loves to do rasberries back at his brother. ha. It's so cute. They are just two of a kind and I love them more and more everyday! Not much more to update, but I wanted to let you all know how big our little guy is getting. He is still our happy, smile face baby all the time. Two teeth with another two coming (maybe more). And he has my hair....finally I have something to show for my hard work....haha! =)

(Hollyn pushing Jace in the baby doll stroller haha)


Aimee' Lynn said...

awww, he is getting so big!! you've done such an awesome job raising those baby boys!! love ya bestest