Keep 'em comin'

I just wanted to post a quick update with my grandmas results today. They found some spots on her lungs in the CAT scan she had last week. She is scheduled for a PET scan on friday to see more details on the spots, but we do know it is cancer. Thankfully tho, it was caught very early and the dr is very optimistic chemo can knock it out and no surgery will be needed. The Dr said this is not uncommon for colon cancer patients and she seemed as if this was "no big thing." Of course, it's a "bigger deal" to us, my grandma, but she is taking it SO well. Better than I am I think...ha.

She is so strong and determined, I don't think anything can stop her from fighting and getting thru this with no problems at all. She is thinking positive and taking it day by day and allowing God to lead her where He wants her to be. What more can she do? What more does she want to do? It's not in her hands, so why should she focus on something she really has no control over? She is giving her worries to Him and going to do everything she can do to beat this, once again, and come out stronger than before. I have faith she will!!

The chemo will be started next tuesday and will be fairly easy like before. She tolerated chemo before really well and we are hoping this time will be no different. She was never sick or anything and the dr said this go round should be just as simple, if not even easier.... Praise God!!! There will also NOT be any surgery!!! What wonderful news that was. The recovery of her surgeries from before were probably the hardest part of it all. So I know she is as thrilled as we are that surgery is not in the cards.

Please keep praying for her to handle the chemo well, for it to do what needs to be done to get rid of this terrible disease and that it will NOT return, EVER! Mostly, please that He will always make Himself known to her, even in the tough moments..... mostly in those!!! Please pray for her strength and understanding. That she will find comfort in science and that these dr's know what they are doing and that everything possible is being done. Thank you ALL for praying and your kind words and emails. You have no idea how much it means to me and my family. We truly appreciate all of it and know you all are in our prayers as well.

I can't say it enough -- God is SOOOO Good!!!!!!