Brown, chocolate and casper white

We had a wonderful Easter in Arlington with my in-laws. It was a long trip for a short stay, but worth it. It's been months since we were there, so it was nice to have the opportunity to get back up there and see (most) everyone.

Of course, I missed my family, but they too had a good Easter weekend (in all the different places they were). My mom and grandma went to Mississippi to see our extended family, and I'll admit, I was jealous. I so badly want to go back. I haven't been there since my freshman year in college and it wasn't to go for fun, but for a funeral. =( Next year.... that's the plan anyway!!!

So, while we were in Arlington we were able to go to Mimi and Papa's place (the hubs grandparents) and they had a little Easter entertainment for the kiddos. The magician was a little interesting to say the least, but the kiddos enjoyed the bunny and balloon animals, so I guess it was a hit. Every Easter my in-laws do a Easter egg hunt for us "big kids" (and the little ones get their own of course) but instead of candy, we get money. Who wouldn't want that?!?

Well this year, there was $100 hidden in eggs in the front and back yard and in the house. There was also a $20 golden egg (actually not golden in color, but you get the point). So with 7 "big kids" hunting it was over before it began. (let me let you in on a little secret.... cheating is not below us! lol) So to make a long story short, there is still $6 missing! How in the world can six eggs be hidden so well NO ONE (not even the person that hid them) can find them? I think my BIL really has them and just didn't tell anyone...lol. That's my theory anyway...

It's so much fun that eve 20-30 something ages look forward to this tradition every year. It is something we will def. pass on with our kiddos. It's so funny to see the measures everyone (not me!! ha) will go to to find these eggs and beat the other person out of getting the most eggs/money. It's all in good fun tho.

So anyway.... this is a rambling post. I have so much that needs to be done, so much I want to say, yet my mind is scrambled. I'm so mixed up right now I don't know which way is up. I'm just kind of spinning around, wondering if/when it will stop. I need a vacation.... Nicaragua anyone? Sorry, the hubs is bound and determined to move me there -- the personal maid and cook for $120 a month is sounding pretty appealing to me right now.... Would you all come visit?

I'll let you with a funny Hank story/comment...

When Mimi and Papa came for Easter sunday their caretaker dropped them off. She's a wonderful lady and so good at what she does. I know my MIL is so thankful for her and all she does for her parents...

Well Hank was excited Mimi and Papa had arrived and informed my MIL that they were there by saying "Mimi and Papa are here.... the brown lady brought them."

Kids say the darnest things! Guess it's better he say that than when my niece said "look mom, she's chocolate!"

I know they don't know better and they mean NO harm by any thing that comes out of their mouths. I hope anyone who reads this takes NO OFFENSE by any comment... Everyone is the same in God's eyes and we see everyone as equal in our eyes in this house.... Even if you are brown, chocolate or casper white like myself.


Mrs. Toro said...

LOL - that's hilarious. Autumn used to tell me she wanted to be "peach" like me...I was like 'honey, people get cancer trying to look like YOU!' hahaha

The Silva's said...

I have to tell you all kids come up with something like that - My brother was about three when he said "look at that man he is BLACK" (in his defense this was a man, who I would guess was from Nigeria, and he was supper dark) The man giggled, turned to Joe and said "oh, don't worry I was just cooked too long" Too funny, but at least we knew the man was not offended!!